View Full Version : info on over/under shotgun, please.

April 17, 1999, 11:23 PM
please tell me more about my "new" shotgun.

I bought an over/under in great condition.
20 gauge, double trigger, 28 inch barrels, blue, wood stock.
checkering on forend(sp?) and grip.
markings on barrel, left side:
"Ranger Over and Under"
"-20 GAUGE MODEL 103-12-"

four digit serial number on bottom of
receiver in front of triggerguard
the letter "R" above the serial number

forend is held on with with two screws.

gun has a Sears recoil pad.

barrels are not separated.
top barrel has knurling down its entire length.
thumb operated safety.
top mounted lever to open the action.
no engraving on receiver.
brass bead.

Thanks for the help!

Harley Nolden
April 18, 1999, 07:39 AM
I am experiencing some difficulty. You indicated "New Gun." Does this mean new to you (at a gun show or private seller) or was it purchased "NEW" from a retailer NIB.


April 18, 1999, 08:23 AM
that was a small attempt at humor.
very sorry. it is an old gun.
the gun looks to me like it could
have been made in the 1950's.

I appreciate your patience.

Harley Nolden
April 19, 1999, 05:57 AM
In my cross over list I am unable to locate that particular model. Jim can you help?

Thanks Jim. Just found your ans. in the shotgun forum. 0700 EST.

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