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Single Six
May 8, 2011, 08:51 PM
The other day I was in a local Arts And Crafts store with my wife [hey, she goes with me to the gun shows, so fair is fair :barf:]. While browsing their wares, I came across something I've heard of before but never given much thought to: "Book Safes", or more specifically, those hollow lock boxes disguised to look very much like a large hard cover book. Does anyone here on TFL use these for handgun storage? More to the point, are there any owners of these items who have had their homes burglarized, but managed to fool the thieves with this "hide in plain sight" approach? Thanks as always for any and all responses.

May 8, 2011, 09:52 PM
I made my own a long time ago with an exacto knife, a ruler and glue. (glue the inside.) Don't choose books that look like they'd be a good read, they'll be picked up. Use boring books, old medical books.

May 8, 2011, 09:54 PM
Arent books a dead giveaway now-a-days with everyone using e-readers?

Single Six
May 8, 2011, 10:05 PM
NWdude: In my house, it shouldn't be a dead giveaway...I have LOTS of books, but NO e-readers [or cell phones, or i-pads, etc...]. Heck, my wife is the only reason we even have a computer in the house, and it took her about 16 years of pestering me to get one before she finally gave up and just bought it herself!:D

May 8, 2011, 10:48 PM
Between the Wife and I, we stopped counting at 1,200 Hardbound books, the thieves will have a field day looking for guns in them

BTW we have a lot of "Gun Books", but no "Guns in Books" :D The wife does have a Kindle, I"m still a Troglodyte.

May 18, 2011, 02:54 PM
Back about 1963 I was in the Air Force. The allowed no personal weapons.
I ox cutterfound a book the right size and a box cutter. When I finished the
annual barricks inspection did not find the gun.

May 18, 2011, 03:10 PM
But instead of carving out the paper,,,
I took the paper completely out and replaced it with wood,,,
I cut out the shape of the gun with a router and glued the book spine to the wood.

I was actually a bit proud of the job,,,
I made it for a friend who had just bought a Ruger Single Six.

It's really a lot easier than it sounds.

My Dad tried another way of doing it,,,
He opened the hard cover and clamped 3/16" plywood sheets on both sides of the pages.

Then he was able to use a router to cut the silhouette shape into the paper pages for a real nice clean cut.

He varnished he edges of the paper pages together to hold them in place,,,
If I remember correctly he also varnished the inside cut edges as well.

Fun project if you have a few tools and some spare time.

The book he used cracked me up,,,
It was a very old law book.