View Full Version : Fort Wayne Indiana lost a great gun smith this week.

May 7, 2011, 08:23 AM
Fort Wayne Indiana lost a great gun smith this week.
For those of you that live in Fort Wayne Indiana that know Dave, (I won’t print his last name here since I don’t want his family bothered by rip off artist) he died this week from cancer. His gun smith business was in his home basement.
He was very well known for his triggers and custom builds and general great work on all types of guns. He was also considered an artist with the semi auto versions of the MG42.
There was no funereal and he was cremated Thursday.
I found out the sad news by a call from a city police officer that called me informing me to come to his home to pick up a gun of mine he had been working on.
He had the gun for over 3 months and finished it knowing he was dying and he and his family refused any payment. I was told by the police officer that he was doing this for many that had guns at his shop.
I am placing this here so that if anyone knows of Dave and had a gun at his shop and have not been contacted by the police yet you might want to stop by. There are several officers and people from a major gun parts supplier that were good friends that are taking care of getting guns back to their owners, on their own time.
Dave was not just a great gunsmith, he was a friend a just a very nice guy that loved guns.
Attached are photos of one of his master pieces he built for me back in the 80’s. This was an S&W 28 that he mounted a 3 in 44 cal Douglass barrel. His great work shows in the spring loaded ball bearing that locks the crane to the frame. After over 30 years and +++ thousands of rounds the cylinder has 0 play and the lock up is like a new in the box Python. I just wish I could let everyone here feel the trigger and it’s not been touched in 30 years. The photos, there is no rust, thats crud is from the cheep case I had it in.
I ask anyone here that knows Dave not to put his full name or I will ask that this be pulled.
He’s probably already made friends with John Browning.

Thanks for the friendship and artwork Dave, Rest in peace.