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May 4, 2011, 08:28 PM

Please indulge a question on the choke tube. I recently added a sweet Browning Gold 20g Shotgun to my collection. Gun was gently used and came as is with no added accessories. There was a modified choke installed in the barrel (black adonized) and I went out and purchased a set of assorted choke tubes (stainless) and a wrench, both of which were for the correct Invector Plus series of tubes. The wrench did not fit the installed tube. My question, was there more than one type Invector plus wrench? It fits the new tubes fine but the gripping notches are too close together for the installed tube. I inspected the inside of the barrel and it appears the installed tube is the correct length and seated properly.

Advice or enlightenment please.

May 4, 2011, 08:37 PM
I have both the original Invector and Invector Plus models, and the Browning choke wrenches are a one-size fits all. There are a couple of different styles of wrenches, but all fit the same. I'm guessing that you have an after-market choke of some sort, but I can't provide any help as to what.

May 4, 2011, 08:44 PM
Thanks GD, I can only see the end of course and it is marked the same as the brownings tubes with 3 notches to identify it as "modified". But I guess anyone can do that. Any suggestions on safe removal?

May 4, 2011, 09:31 PM
Greetings Sam1957, and welcome aboard.

Browning's Invector-Plus chokes, like many others, have 4 large cut-outs to engage the choke wrench and cluster of smaller notches to indicate the degree of the individual chokes.
Is the choke in question without the four major cut-outs, or are they too small for the wrench you have?
Are you trying to use a 12-ga choke wrench in a 20-ga choke?
Unless your choke is really tight, applying a little torque with a coin will break the tube loose to finger-tight.

May 4, 2011, 09:39 PM
i guess I would check out the local sporting goods stores to see if I could find another brand of choke wrench that looked like it would fit, just because I'm stubborn and inclined to do it myself. if nothing seemed like a match I'd take it into a gun shop and ask them to remove it, and maybe you'd prefer to start there instead of trying to find something that fits.

It shouldn't be all that hard to get the choke out, so presumably they'd do it for a nominal charge, and you could reciprocate by giving them some business sooner or later.

BUT, IF the choke is seized, which can happen if a choke tube is installed without first putting some gun grease on the threads, it can be rather difficult to remove. And then especially without the proper tool, you could mess something up, at the very least add a scratch or other mars on your new baby. So, a few $$ to the local gun shop could be a small price to pay to get that old choke taken out.

And once you have the old choke out you're good to go with your set of new chokes. I have two Gold's along with a bunch of other Brownings, so I'm sure you'll enjoy her.

May 5, 2011, 12:00 PM
Once you get that choke tube out of the gun ...quit using these wrenches...

Clean the threads inside the barrel / and the choke threads ...and lube both ...and screw the choke in and out with finger pressure only ( put your finger inside the tube and screw it in ) and tighten it with finger pressure only. It is all you need ....

If the choke tube won't go in and out easily / with just finger pressure ...then take it out again ...and clean and lube it again until it does !

Too many of these choke tube wrenches ...cross thread ...and create all kinds of problems. You don't need them...

All of us that shoot Brownings -- ( if we have a 20ga ) have all kinds of choke tube wrenches ...so if you go out to the gun club, I'd be surprised if at least 5 guys don't have one in their "gunbox" .... I've never seen an aftermarket Invector Plus choke - that didn't have the same hole pattern for the wrenches as the Browning brand of chokes ...but I believe, the Browning brand of chokes, are made by Briley anyway ...

Personally I use Break Free lube on my choke tubes / but one of my buddies uses "Rig" grease ...and either works really well. You do need something with a little heavier residual lube - than a light spray oil like Rem Oil.. On all my shotguns / I usually remove and clean the choke tubes and the threads in the barrels -- about every other range trip ( every 300 - 500 shells at least ).

May 6, 2011, 01:30 PM
I have the same problem.
The fancy wrench with the handle that spins does not fit the cutouts on the choke.
The basic, flat stamped steel wrench with the semi-circle does it all, just like a quarter, but with a little better leverage.
Hopefully, you don't have a siezed tube...it sucks getting them out.
I had to Kroil from the breech end of the barrel and really twist to get one out of my Remington.
Agree with above posts, lightly tighten and use grease/anti-sieze compound.