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May 2, 2011, 06:44 PM
What tasks are you guys expecting from your vehicle rifle? I'm looking for input as I plan on attempting an upgrade.

I'm not looking per say for input on rifle selection but rather your plans, reasoning, and expectations for your vehicle rifle.


May 2, 2011, 07:04 PM
Well..kinda a hard question there bud..I would say the answer depends on what kind of places u like to ride around...open country needs a large caliber..probably a bolt gun with high power optics...a pin thicket needs either a scatter gun or a ak47 and if u live in oak bottoms and such a good ar15 with acog would be nice...just depends on whatcha expect to use it for :)

May 2, 2011, 07:29 PM
Ment to add at the end..that if I plan on using it I would carry a shotgun ar15 and fn spr...lol..might as well come prepared

May 2, 2011, 08:24 PM
Needs are primarily vs human threats. To get me back home to my main stuff or out of dodge from civil unrest. A rifle for a sudden onset style of trouble. So the more trades this jack can handle the better.

May 2, 2011, 08:31 PM
Hmm..well for a truck gun what is your thoughts for a fn p90

May 3, 2011, 01:56 PM
Chad, I'm trying to get different threats you may expect to greet with your vehicle rifle rather than the rifle itself. Looking for anything I may have over looked task wise. I want to make the most informed decision possible.

May 3, 2011, 03:08 PM
Needs are primarily vs human threats. To get me back home to my main stuff or out of dodge from civil unrest

Moving to Libya? or do you know something we dont know? LOL

I keep a 22 for varmints. 4 legged and 2

May 3, 2011, 04:03 PM
As a VietNam vet, . . . I have never been in love with AK's, . . . but in all fairness, . . . for the price, . . . the durability, . . . the effectiveness, . . . the availability of ammo, . . . it is hard to beat.

Tape two 30 round mags together, . . . maybe put a cheap aim point on it, . . . you have one heck of a "truck gun". Just remember that if you happen to have your pronghorn license somewhere out west, . . . 495 yards from the world's record prongy, . . . you ain't gonna get him with an AK.

I have an M1A I would prefer to use if it comes to that kind of work, . . . only because of personal preference, . . .

May God bless,

May 3, 2011, 06:13 PM
Thanks Dwight. What would you be expecting your ak to be ready to battle against?

May 3, 2011, 06:27 PM
I would think pretty much anything that presented itself. Same goes for the AR's.

May 3, 2011, 06:33 PM
Since I don't hunt from the truck, I've never seen anything that can't be handled with my 642 pocket revolver.

I figure if a two legged threat is out of pistol range, its out of the range where I could reasonably justify self defense.

May 3, 2011, 07:10 PM
I kinda think of my truck as a weapon itself. Plenty of knock down power, can fight for a couple hours without reloading, keeps running despite only annual cleaning, not picky about lubrication, and whatever I hit with it goes down quickly.

May 3, 2011, 07:55 PM
threegun asked: Vehicle rifle tasks???

What tasks are you guys expecting from your vehicle rifle?

The primary task for my truck rifle is to clear the road of hogs!

May 3, 2011, 08:18 PM
keltec sub 2000 in 9mm with glock 33 rnd mags. folds to a small size for easy storage under seat or in bugoutbag. hi cap for run n gun back to the house. if you need to hunt animals as well i'd say 12 gauge with a folding stock since you can choose between birdshot all the way to slugs.

May 3, 2011, 09:06 PM
When I went west last summer, I took an AR in 5.45 with 2x optic, 16" barrel and collapsible stock. It fits in a takedown shotgun case with room for 4x30 rd mags and the case stowed under the back seat of the pickup or behind the couch in the travel trailer. I'll admit I might have been better off choosing a 223 but at the time of leaving, the 5.45 was the only one that fit the case. Since I didn't use it, I guess the choice was irrelevant.

May 3, 2011, 09:41 PM
I don’t have a vehicle rifle; Although I'd like to have one. What I would expect to have in a rifle such as that would be a compact, mid powered, durable, reliable, and easily reloadable rifle.

My First thought would be something like a folding stock AK-47. It's accurate enough, has good all around "firepower" when it comes to the power of the 7.62x39 and the ability to have extra and easily changeable magazines on hand, it should stand up to the environmental changes inside your vehicle and always run without a hitch, it's not so nice that you would be afraid of banging it up a bit, and with an under folding stock, you might be able to cram it under or behind a seat without much trouble.
There might be a way that you could lock it to your vehicle with a keyed cable bike lock. It wont be Ready to go that way, but one would hope you would already have a hand gun handy on your person for an IMEDIATE threat, then if you needed to, or it's in your best interest, you could take your car keys and unlock the rifle from the cable, load the magazine, chamber a round and go from there.

Obviously the best course of action would be avoiding or escaping trouble in the first place. But I suppose there might be an occasional reason to have a good rifle in your vehicle for defensive reasons, no matter where in our great country you live. Take one from the Boy Scouts and "Always be Prepared"

However, in my opinion, always being prepared also means securing the rifle, or at least hiding it very well incase your vehicle is broken into.

Like mentioned above, the Kel Tec Sub-2000 could also be a great option, with it folding in half it could easily be stored in some of those hidden compartments many vehicles have that are meant for Jacks or Jumper Cables... but then what do you do with your Jack and Jumper cables ???
There is nothing wrong with a good bolt or lever gun either. They would be better to have than nothing, and in some cases may have an advantage over other types of rifles.
In the end, it’s up to you to decide, based on where you live, and what uses you have in mind for the rifle, what to get. And how secure/accessible you want it to be inside your vehicle.

Dont forget... if you think you want a defensive rifle in your vehicle for protection of your self/friends/and family; Consider what else is necessary for your body to survive. Food, Water, Warmth, a knife, Communication.... Easily accessible self defense like a handgun. Dont forget a flashlight. Extra fluids for your vehicle??? so on and so on....

May 3, 2011, 11:05 PM
threegun asked: Thanks Dwight. What would you be expecting your ak to be ready to battle against?

Not being a smart aleck, . . . but the AK was particularly designed for urban warfare, . . . and that is the role I would expect it to fulfill.

There was the story about a young man and his girlfriend in the Katrina time, who left their apt to vacate the city as it really started getting bad. Apparently the storm was over, . . . and they decided to leave. According to his account, . . . his folding stock AK slung behind his back (that the two thugs didn't see at first) was the differenciating element as to whether he and his girl left, . . . or they gave his SUV to a couple of local thugs. Thugs lost, . . .

It illustrates one of the positives of the AK, . . . it is recognized, . . . and commands respect, . . . kinda like a 1911.

May God bless,

May 3, 2011, 11:15 PM
any AKM would be fine, I like the ak74, but I think the ruger mini-14 chambering the 5.56 nato is a practical choice. It is small enough for use in a confinded space and the ammo is easily obtained, especially the .223 rem. If it is your intention to store it in the Truck, go with the AKM they are exceptionally durable and forgiving to mistreatment; if the bolt rust just give it a kick and it is ready to shoot. 7.62X39 ammo is pretty cheap too.

May 3, 2011, 11:26 PM
I'm not sure if you read that article in a gun magazine. Because I recall reading something close to that. The guy and his GF got their bags and gear together and were headed to the SUV, while many people on the streets were running around, not doing anything very productive. Some of them happened be about to siphon the gas out of the guy and girls SUV... He approached them although from a distance and said something like, "hey thats my car" and they started approaching them with a "what are you gona do about it" attitude... at which point he unslung his AK-47 and watched as they scattered like a few Hyenas running from a lion.... His gf was armed as well.

Although, this was him and his gf going from the appartment TO his vehicle, there are times that it might be just as importaint to have a rifle IN the vehicle it's self... for example when your on your way out of a situation like that above. Or going to help family/friends during civil unrest, or you and or friends and family are some how cornered and cant escape. A rifle or shotgun can be much more intimidating than a handgun, and the presence of one alone may be enough to stop a bad situation before it starts....

There again comes the balance between securing the rifle, and making it accessible. I think anyone who chooses to carry a rifle in their vehicle would be well off spending days or even weeks working out a system to make the firearm secure from simple smash and grab crimes yet to allow for quick access for the intended user.
Police officers are a great example, with their rifle and shotgun locks inside the vehicle. But we civilians will "generally" want the riffle to be concealed, so that adds time when your trying to access the rifle.
Anyway, for any of us serious gun enthusiasts, it makes for a fun and complex project, beyond our normal routine:D

May 3, 2011, 11:59 PM
Looks like I got a bit off topic... as far as "Tasks" I want my rifle to be capable of...

Getting me out of a bad situation!

Thats about it. Something that can have the power to penetrate, the accuracy to hit, the availability of a decent amount of ammo and quick mag changes, and the ability for the gun to sit and wait and hardly ever get used or cleaned, or paid any attention too.

Another reason I like the folding stock AK-47 is that it would be easier for a passenger to pick up and start point shooting than something with a full stock if things are really ugly...
I guess thats all I can give for "tasks" I mean... room clearing and vehicle maneuverability, concealability, round count, penetration and stopping power. The only task I wouldent try to put on MY vehicle rifle is long range shooting. You could easily have an AR with an ACOG which could reach out and touch someone... and in a world is over Mad Max, we need to go on the offensive and assault the bad guys situation, I could see that being a huge advantage. But for real world defense. The AK-47 with an underfolding stock will complete the Task.

May 4, 2011, 10:25 AM
Mellow, I'm torn. Will I need hi capacity more that precision? I know the legal issue associated with long range self defense however my short game is already partially covered via my handgun. Having medium to long range precision would be a big bonus for preventing bad guys from getting to close. My AK's are ok but run about 3-5 inches at 100 yards. I love the platforms power, capacity, and durability just nervous about its accuracy.

I don't know jeez I'm all confused up here. Riots are a big concern and capacity would be at a premium if caught in one.

May 4, 2011, 10:50 AM
I want to chime in here that I think the Springfield M1A hardly ever gets mentioned. I think it must be the most under-appreciated rifle there is.

Think about it - this is a combat-proven battle rifle. It is superior to the AK & M16 in a lot of categories. I really don't know too many vets who were around when the U.S. Army switched from the M14 to the M16, who were happy about the new M16 rifle. The platform is also still used as the M21 / M25 sniper rifle (I know there are 2 other sniper rifles in service now), but the M21 & 25 is still in service as a sniper rifle. Also - it is a perfectly good hunting caliber, used by a lot of hunters.

So to me, this is a very versatile rifle.

I want my vehicle rifle to be able to thin out a zombie road block before I get close in and have to use my shotgun to break through. The M1A does that !

Hiker 1
May 4, 2011, 10:50 AM
Is the rifle going to stay in your vehicle at all times or come into the house when you go home?

May 4, 2011, 11:48 AM
Is the rifle going to stay in your vehicle at all times or come into the house when you go home?

Stay in the vehicle.

Thats one reason I don't get the M1A the others are size and weight.

Capt. Charlie
May 4, 2011, 11:58 AM
Sorry guys, but no matter how you paint this, it's still a SHTF subject, and it's well known that we don't do those here.