View Full Version : Fabricating a rail into CZ 97b

April 26, 2011, 08:45 AM
I've seen pictures and even some info on this, but basically, "I took it to *this* gunsmith who did it..here are pics".

I'd like to know if any gunsmith has ever fabricated a rail onto a pistol that doesn't have one, and even better yet if they have done it to a 97b.

Any suggestions? Or any info on top-notch gunsmiths that I could call for this? Any on here?

April 26, 2011, 09:38 AM

This is not a hard job for any compentent gunsmith with a milling machine. The problem is do you want to pay what it will cost.

Brownells carries various lengths of scope bases without any radius on the bottom or holes for about $50 for 9 inches. So first I have to design the rail. Overall length, size width and length for the slot to go around the front sight, where to put the holes and shape/location of the ejection port. Lets say an hour or so @ $60/hr. Machine the radius on the bottom to match the top of the slide=1/4 hr. Machine the slot for the front sight=1/4 hr. Drill and counter bore the 4 screws=1/4 hr. Set up and machine the ejection port clearance=1/2 hr. so we have about 1.25 hr man/machine time at $75 (I am using rates from Brownells catalog page 336). Now drill and tap slide, 4 holes @ $30 each.

So about $350 at a minimum.