View Full Version : My Dovetail Novak Removal Method

Flat Dog
April 26, 2011, 08:17 AM
I wanted adjustables on my trusty 4566, and a couple gunsmiths tried removing the rears with no luck.

I used an old Harley mechanic trick, and bought a can of canned air at the local discount store. I don't have a vice (I know-shame shame) so I screwed a small 'stake like' piece of PT wood onto my work bench with several screws, and butted the work up against it wrapped in a thick terry shop cloth. Turned the canned air upside down, and doused the sight until it was good and frozen, then using a heavy terry cloth covered punch proceeded to bang the sight off the gun. Took about 10 minutes including prep. GS worked on it for a lot longer with no luck...

LPA sight install was similar, minus having to Dremel quite a bit of material off of their 'no gunsmithing needed' dovetail on the sight. The freezing makes all the difference in the world when fitting/removing pressed parts.

Hope that helps someone else some day.