View Full Version : Background check..what prepares you to be a hero?

September 8, 2000, 02:50 PM
I am glad to see that many of you are willing to come to someone's rescue. At least you have the will, you are on TFL so that means you have the way or are working on it, but what got you to where you are now?

For example:
I was brought up as a Catholic..Christian values. Fair play; Good Samaritan story, etc..
i was raised in Hawaii where the folks of the 100th and the 442nd were heroes..they were good examples of how we were expected to act should there be a call for us to serve in the military. (History and precedent)
I was raised in a time that everyone was expected to help should someone need help.
(i.e., One story...when Hawaii 5-0 was being filmed in downtown Honolulu, they were trying to film a chase scene in Hawaii where Dan-O was chasing the bad guy down the sidewalk. They tried to film it 9 times (it was on a newspaper article) then finally quit because Good Samaritans kept decking the bad guy to hold him for Dan-O.
I started in the Martial Arts in the 60's (this gave me some tools to work with)
Once I started instructing unarmed self-defense, some people always asked me to volunteer for community service..teach folks in the neighborhoods...etc., etc..
I have been a little guy most of my life, so I know what it feels like to be a person being picked on or being beaten.
I am not a hero or even a hero type, but I know if enough people were willing to help, there wouldn't be so many BG's wanting to take a risk in doing their dirty deeds.
My grandfather loved telling me stories where in China, some clown in the sword days would have the run of the village as the local bully, but when he got too big for his britches, usually the neighborhood or local merchants would lure the bully somewhere, drop a bag over his head and shoulders and everyone who cared to, they would beat him with sticks until he decided to become more community minded.

Reading a lot of westerns in my adult life, i see cases where the community finally got fed up and sometimes reacted a little more drastically with the miscreant. Wasn't there a town in the midWest where the bully was shot quite a few times while he sat in his truck because the town got fed up with his bullying ways?
Course when the death was being investigated, no one knew where the stray bullets came from.

Anyone else have ideas as to what influenced them enough to where they would take a stand when someone needs help?