View Full Version : Reality Check--Being a Hero in Perspective

September 8, 2000, 02:23 PM
For all of us toters who are in constant practice or know that we should be constantly practicing...try this

Pick out your best holster and your number #1 gun, make sure the weapon is totally empty. Place a snap cap in the chamber, put your weapon on ready and in the holster now put a dime or a nickle or penny on back of your weak hand (non-palm side), bring that weak hand palm down side towards the ground and place it at hip level Now flip your opened hand(the one with thte coin on it so that the palm ends face up and the coin drops off to hit the ground. ) At the same time, with your dominant hand draw your weapon to point it at a safe place, and dry fire your weapon. Keep practicing till you beat the coin (before it hits the ground.)

Reality check---do you realize that you have to draw at least this fast and hit your target, just to give you a 50-50 chance to survive an armed confrontation?

Now try to outdraw a person who has the coin on their back of their hand...have them drop it any time they feel they're ready. They should stand a few feet away from you and to the side of where you are pointing your barrel.

Reality check scenario: Your wife had walked into a local mom and pop store while you were getting out of your car, BG was in the process of holding up the store with a handgun. He sees your wife...figures hostage, now grabs your wife by the arm and is going to walk her out of the store to the getaway car.
You see that the BG is putting his weapon into his waist band under a coat. You see the driver of the getaway car.
What do you do? Draw and challenge? Draw and fire? at whom?
Please respond. Knowing how fast you can draw is only one thing you have to have confidence in to begin to survive.
What are some of the other things?