View Full Version : scope for a Browning B78

April 20, 2011, 08:19 PM
A few days ago I bought a new Bushnell Bone Collector 3-9x40 DOA for my Browning B78 in 45-70. It seems to be a decent scope with good clarity and the reticule I like, but the main reason was that the rear section, the main tube and the tailpiece, were long enough to get the scope back far enough so that I don't have to "crawl" up the stock to get the full field of view. This is often a problem with the short action on the single shots. I also have a B78 in 30-06 that needs a scope, but I really don't want to just get another Bone Collector for it---so I'm looking for a quality scope, 40 or 50 mm lens, DOA type reticule would be great, that measures at least 7" from the adjustment knobs to the end of the tailpiece. I only have one gun store anywhere even close to where I live that stocks a decent amount of scopes and the only one he had that was long enough was the Bone Collector--any suggestions on what manufacturer might have a scope with a longer rear section?-------John