View Full Version : self defense for people with disabilaties

May 28, 2000, 01:56 PM
do any of you know of any self defense styles that are mostly upperbody related or could be modified for use by some one with a disibliaty that limits there mobility to move very quickly or be able to retreat out of a situation such as my case an amutation

May 28, 2000, 07:47 PM
Wing chun with modifications. But honestly you won't be able to do much against serious attack without weapons. I have a friend who has been in wheelchair his whole life and we have discussed some of these things a bit.

If your in a chair or on crutches you would most likely be knocked to the ground early.

I would suggest highly trained BIG dog plus multiple guns and knifes. The dog doesn't need to be more than a companion dog as long as it is big. A personal protection dog might be an option also.

May 29, 2000, 10:32 AM
im not in a chair or anthing i use a set of prosthetic legs so my mobility is some what diminishrd but not entierly ive thought about a dog and do plan on geting one
the real problem is balance for anything reqiering quick leg movment or kicks

May 31, 2000, 11:09 PM
A very sharp neck knife and a little training would be good, maybe some groundfighting.
Mindset is important, physical disabilities need not interfere with the ability to go ballistic with everything you have in a defensive situation.

June 4, 2000, 03:23 PM
http://www.americancombatives.com/ might be what you want.