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April 7, 2000, 02:37 PM

I'm the host of the nation's only solutions-driven talk show An American Resolution and this Sunday live on the radio (and also on the Internet) I will be presenting 2 different solutions to trigger locks being manditory.

And I want to know if you which solution you think is the most credible. To read each of the solutions visit www.aarshow.com (http://www.aarshow.com) and I'd also love to read YOUR SOLUTION which you can send in to me. I look forward to hearing your insight on this issue and helping us take action that leads to a solution!

Thank you!

Todd Hartley -
Your Resolutionary Host -
An American Resolution - www.aarshow.com (http://www.aarshow.com)

April 9, 2000, 10:06 PM
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Those who advocate trigger locks obviously have not actually tested trigger locks themselves, and are thus ignorant of the subject and their opinions are invalid.

I purchased a common-style trigger lock and attached it to an unloaded, common gun (Glock 17, preferred by police). I then - WITH TRIGGER LOCK ATTACHED - proceeded to load the gun, chamber a round, and fire the gun. Many others have performed the same experiment with other locks and other guns with the same results. Trigger locks clearly give only an illusion of safety, and are not actually safe.

My detailed analysis is at http://www.donath.org/Rants/OnTriggerLocks