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George Hill
November 11, 1999, 05:36 AM
Many spec op folks are very familiar with the RIB. I was fumbling around with an idea:
Take a RIB and make it a flat bottom... Then replace the engine with two small ducted fans where a large aircraft prop would be on an air boat - but mounted lower.
The concept is to make an improved air boat suitible for spec op missions. The ducted fans will provide a lower profile - while making it quieter as well. There are a lot of areas globally that are accessable by air boat that the RIB cant get across.
The value of this - is that should the mission require going over rougher water or large open water - the regular V hull could be swaped... keeping the fans. so you dont have to worry so much about shallow depths... just as long as your not beaching your self.

There it is... What do you think? Oh - if anyone steals my idea... Thats cool - but I want 5 boats in return. Deal?

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