View Full Version : Night Sights for Colt Cobra...?

April 13, 2011, 06:47 PM
Anybody know of someone who can install tritium night sights on a Colt Cobra (shrouded extractor rod version)?

It was pretty beat up when I bought it, and I have had it refinished in Ionbond's Diamond Black. So I'm not concerned about keeping it "as original", too late for that.

I've talked with ToolTech, and they can do it by gouging out part of the rear area before installing the rear sights. But they wouldn't be able to include white outlines, just the small tubes. And then I would have to re-finish it again. Bummer.

Is there someone else out there who I should talk to about this?

April 13, 2011, 07:26 PM
For a shrouded Cobra, I'd recommend contacting the Colt Custom Shop.
Back in the 1990's Colt made up a couple of short run, limited production Detective Specials with a night sight in the front.

These were installed by machining a hole in the front sight level with the top of the frame.
The extreme angle of the hole of the ramped sight required actually machining the hole.
I'd ask if they're still set up to do that.

The second option is used on revolvers with non-replaceable front sights.
In this method a dovetail is machined in th sight, and a small block with a night sight insert is installed in the dovetail.
This works well, but looks odd because of the lump-like appearance of the block in the ramped sight.

For this type, I'd contact the sight makers and ask who they recommend to do the job.