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July 23, 1999, 01:30 AM
I need some help in developing some new team building type of training exercises.

Our team has endured some internal problems and the overall performance is suffering because of it.

I would appreciate comments or suggestions for drills and training that can rebuild our teamwork structure and still offer applicable training. I would be very appreciative of any input or examples from other agencies - with some type of documentation to help validate the training experiences to our administration. I would be happy to return the favor with some of our drills.

Feel free to contact me directly if this is too sensitive for an oper forum.

Buck Peddicord

July 23, 1999, 07:53 PM

Benton Quest
July 24, 1999, 11:14 AM
There's nothing like getting everybody away in a strange locale for about a week of training. If your agency will foot the bill, this can be a great "Team Building" tool. Somehow getting away from it all helps everybody focus on the task at hand without the worry of everyday duties. Our team is always the tightest after we come back from a high-speed school.