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hollow point
July 1, 1999, 09:24 AM
I'm looking for the right forum, I hope this is it...

Does anyone know of any good websites that deal with home defense? Web searches always end up with Home Security and Security Alarms. I did find some info in the rec.guns faq, but thats about it. I am basically interested in getting some pages that go over home defense strategies and maybe scenarios for links for a webpage I am working on. Thanks guys!

David Schmidbauer
July 1, 1999, 07:01 PM

What kind of strategies are you talking about? Are you talking about building a house and want to incorporate security, add security to a existing house, stratigies on Close Quarters Urban Battle?

What exactlyn are you looking for?

Schmit, GySgt, USMC(Ret)
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hollow point
July 2, 1999, 12:37 PM
David, all of the above. More on defending your exisiting residence, modifying it for defensive purposes and incorperating defensive measures into construction. Of course CQB goes hand-in-hand with this, so it would be relevant, too. Thanks for any info, HP