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Jim March
June 12, 1999, 03:13 AM
(Note from Jim March: I'm going to try and make the "Knife in Combat"
class on Sunday the 13th...looks VERY tasty.)

Safe & Secure Lifestyles
Self-Defense Workshops with Dale & Teri Seago at Jackson Arms, 710 Dubuque Ave., So. San Francisco

June, 1999 Workshops

1) The Knife in Combat (NEW!)

Our "regular" knife workshops are essentially defensive in nature, geared mainly toward the need to escape from a violent situation. But there are also scenarios, such as multiple-attacker situations, where you may have to be absolutely certain an opponent cannot pose a further threat. This is an entirely different concept from self-defense, with methods drawn from Kukishin ryu. (Cost: $55)

SUNDAY, June 13, 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM

2) The Walking Stick, Level 1

One of the few truly effective personal weapons you can carry with you anywhere in the world - even on airlines - is a walking stick. This workshop, based on short-staff methods from Kukishin ryu, shows you how to make the best use of such tools for strikes, joint-locks, chokes, and throws against either armed or unarmed attackers. (Cost: $55)

SUNDAY, June 20, 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM

News About New Stuff:

Last month we offered two new workshops: "Long Gun Disarming & Retention" (for shotguns & carbines), and "It's OKAY to Fight Back" (for mass-shooting incidents such as Columbine High and 101 California). We're pleased to announce that both were resounding successes and will become part of our "standard" workshop listings on our website at: http://www.asiapac.com/freedom/ssl . We were especially pleased by the performance of the women in these workshops. One woman, new to the US and with only a couple of months of English (and with no prior physical self-defense training or any experience using firearms) was simply awesome...though certain Very Bad Things happening in her country may have given her more motivation than most.

Workshop Registration: Telephone (415) 333-6078, or e-mail <[email protected]>. There is no need to send an advance deposit, but if you need to cancel please let us know so we'll have an idea how many people to expect!

(From Jim March: Dale sent this update later...)

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On Sat, 5 Jun 1999 (deleted) wrote:

> Please sign me up for the Knife Combat class.

Glad to have you there !

> On another subject, when I took Knife Level I a
> certificate was presented to the students at the
> end of the class but there wasn't one for Knife
> Level II or for the Stickfighting class.
> Have you stopped presenting them? I thought it
> was a nice touch.

That was a good guess. We decided that it was more of a potential liability than a benefit to issue such certificates for most of the classes: If someone applied the training in a self-defense situation, a DA (or plaintiff's attorney in a civil suit) could have a field day with documentation that the student had been trained to use tool X as a deadly weapon, implying that the defendant had learned dangerous stuff and just couldn't wait for an opportunity to use it. My participation as a juror in a criminal trial this past November, in which the defendant had used the can-opener blade of a Swiss Army knife in a single jab to an attacker's body in an effort to gain some distance, made me more convinced than ever that this non-documentation is the right approach to take...as well as showing me what a low-down unscrupulous lying sack of excrement a prosecutor can be. (The defendant was acquitted on all counts, by the way, including assault with a deadly weapon and infliction of great bodily injury.

I'm glad to have been instrumental in that, and I'll do as much for any of my dojo students or workshop graduates who get themselves in a jam for doing something they had to do.)

On request, we WILL issue a certificate of training for graduates of our handgun and long-gun disarming & retention programs who may find such documentation useful in applying for a CCW, as so many departments like to state their belief that if you carry a firearm someone is likely to just take it away from you.

Dale Seago

Rich Lucibella
June 12, 1999, 11:36 AM
We recently added Dale's site to our links section. He informs me that his first student was my former roomate Edgar Suter, MD. (Actually, Mykl and he were closer....I think they used to take long showers together. This is the Edgar Suter that's been fighting the AMA's position on gun control for years. Check his site out in the links section also.) Gar still trains with Dale and speaks highly of him.

At any rate, Dale's got a great program. Wish I could attend.