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May 14, 1999, 11:58 AM
Does anyone have any experience, opinions, knowledge regarding training options for the defensive use of a knife? ( books, videos, classes)

May 14, 1999, 10:41 PM
Hank Reinhardt, Atlanta, Georgia would be my suggestion for training. I might be able to dig out an address. GLV

May 23, 1999, 02:53 AM
Try Shaykhet Training LLC, run by Lee Shaykhet, PO Box 250601, West Bloomfield, MI 48325, 800-677-4705. He has quite an impressive knowledge of edged weapon techniques and is a very good instructor.

May 23, 1999, 06:20 PM
Thanks SKN

West Bloomfield is pretty local for me!

May 25, 1999, 06:00 PM

I just finished a weekend with Bob Kasper, he writes for Tactical Knives on Street Smarts. His course is geared to actual comabt with knives, not dueling (maritial arts type training). The difference being his course was simplicity, only a few basic techinques, with much emphasis in applying those techniques in various manners (single attacks, multiple attacks, standing, on the ground, and from behind) so you learned them well.

This is the same course he teaches to the military units he trains. As he says, they have to learn many different things and be proficient in all but masters of none. Sounds like the majority of people I know. People who wish to be good, but must still work all day and/or raise a family as well.

I feel like I learned alot, especially since I had no training going in. You can find out more at this website:

home.earthlink.net/~ghca/Kni-Com.html (http://home.earthlink.net/~ghca/Kni-Com.html)

If you register, send me an email. I live about twenty minutes from the Virginia training facility, and I may be able to give free room for the weekend. I say maybe since I may not be around when you want to come. He also offers courses in New Jersey (Ugh!!).

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Rob Pincus
May 25, 1999, 11:24 PM
I took a course from Mad Dog Kevin McClung earlier this year and thought it was very well taught. It was actually a "Defense against edged weapons" course.. but it included a lot of basic knife work and theory.

I would highly recommend him as an instructor.


May 27, 1999, 01:16 PM
Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice.

Special thanks to ATM for the lodging offer.

June 6, 1999, 02:20 AM
The gentleman mentioned in Atlanta kind of intrigues me, since I live in Augusta (when I am not deployed overseas, as I currently am...). Does anyone know how to contact Hank Reinhardt? Does he have a website or an active e-mail address? Thanks.

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June 6, 1999, 08:15 PM
Mossyback, call LFI, Ayoob, should have information you need. GLV

June 10, 1999, 03:00 PM
Ayoob is offering a two-day Knife/Counterknife course in Concord NH in mid-August.

Rob Pincus
June 10, 1999, 03:10 PM
If you are in the Atlanta Area and looking for self-defense training.. armed and unarmed.. I suggest you head over to Bujinkan Atlanta Dojo. If I lived there, I'd be there.
It is Northeast of town, I think the road is Jimmy Carter blvd.... "Spectre" will know for sure, use his Email link here at TFL.