View Full Version : Early Win 52 bbl band.

April 10, 2011, 07:17 PM
The friend I build rifles with pulled a rifle out of the back of his safe the other day and said"Our old friend gave this to both of us.I have had it in my safe for years.You take it home"
So,I now gave in my posession an early Win 52 target rifle.It is in great condition and I am looking forward to shooting it.Target mico peep,globe front.He said it is pre speed lock.
It has a front band around the bbl/forend.It was originally missing,and an older smith said it is a Winder Musket band,and he had one.Only problem,the sling stud has been ground off.
I would like to use a sling with this rifle,but do not want to alter anything .
So if anyone has a spare Winder Musket or Win 52 bbl band,please let me know.