View Full Version : Pistol retention and conceal carry

December 15, 1998, 05:40 PM
What are your opinions on retention with conceal carry, especially during grappling? Again, I am using Glocks.

December 16, 1998, 05:08 PM
High quality holster on a high quality belt, and if you are going to go in harms way, high quality training in weapons retention -- I recommend the Lindell system. GLV

December 17, 1998, 09:25 AM
Can you elaborate on the Lindell system?

December 19, 1998, 08:13 PM
Lindell is the name of the officer that developed the handgun retention system that bears his name.
Starting in the late sixties, officers were being disarmed and sometimes shot with their own firearms. In an 18 month period starting in Jan 1975, 9 Kansaas City Mo. LEOs were disarmed, and one killed with his own gun.
James w. Lindell was instrumental in the development of the handgun retention system that bears his name and was first used by KCPD. Since its inception, the Lindell system has saved many lives.
Currently taught by National Law Enforcement training Center, Kansas City, Mo. and certified instructors. GLV

December 19, 1998, 09:09 PM
As I think my gun hand may be busy in a weapon retention situation, my carry knife is carried where the left hand can get to it.
If an assailant is not impressed with my ability to draw and deploy a knife left handed, perhaps he will consider that I may have to carve him from my handgun.

December 20, 1998, 11:57 PM

You can research the Lindell System at the Smith & Wesson academy web site. That is the main weapon retention system taught by S&W. I'm sure through the web you'll be able to locate instructors/training centers near you.
Just find a style/system that is effective and one that you are comfortable with.

March 16, 2006, 10:54 PM
LEO's are known to be carrying but as a civilian you don't reveal you are carrying until the last moment. Knowledge is power! Keeping a potential attacker from discovering you're weapons should be your first goal.

March 17, 2006, 02:50 AM
If you're talking about a self-defense situation, if you are grappling with your gun out, it might mean that you should have long before that point shot the guy: if you have let him get into arm's length and given him the opportunity to put his hands on you, you have made a mistake somewhere, to be sure.

If you have not yet revealed or drawn your gun, and you have begun to grapple, it seems to me that you had better pour on the steam and kick his butt at the fisticuffs, because drawing your gun while attempting to control him with your single remaining hand will probably end up meaning that he takes control of your gun arm with two of his own hands. You need time and distance between you and him before you re-attempt to introduce a gun into that particular situation, yes?


March 17, 2006, 06:52 AM
Azurefly, Well said.

For me, I will avoid physical confrontation while armed. If someone trys to get physical with me, I will assume they are trying to impose great bodily injury on me and they will get shot. I will never escallate on the contrary I will retreat. Might feel cowardly but it is the right thing to do. If I am not allowed to retreat......well I just hope I am allowed.