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December 18, 1998, 01:10 AM
I have seen adds for leather gloves with lead powder in the knuckle area. Has anyone used these, are they effective, or just extreamly concealble toys.

Rob Pincus
December 18, 1998, 01:23 AM
I have used them for training purposes. Shadow box, etc.
I have used them while working out on a heavy bag, too.
The really make you feel fast after you take them off, I don't know how much value it really is, though.

The cheap pair I have are kinda awkward for actually wearing around town. I havevn't messed with them in a long time.

4V50 Gary
December 19, 1998, 09:42 PM
I bought a pair over 15 years ago at a very reasonable price b/c six of us got together and got a volume discount.

They're nice and you can punch a wall and not hurt. Never used it on anybody (gloves weren't permitted in my early days and when they were, leaded ones were strictly forbidden). I should also add that I won't use them today since it's a big lawsuit if I'm caught (don't need gimmicks, just technqiue).

Buy the American made ones since those cheap Taiwanese gloves tend to be poorly stitched. Also please be careful as some states prohibit owning them if you're not a cop.

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