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November 2, 1998, 01:25 PM
Saturday night after work I went with a female aquaintance-actually my former wife- to 6 Flag's Fright Fest. The park was unusually crowded, and in fact was closed to new visitors or re-entry. Somehow we got in. GA law prohibits carrying in large groups of people, such as sporting events and presumably theme parks. Believing that riding roller coasters with my P-40 to be a bad idea anyway, my only dedicated "tool" was my CS Voyager tanto.

While standing in a packed line snaking through a hallway, I pointed out to my ex what a prime spot the area would be for terrorist attack. No armed LEO, thousands of targets.

After getting out of Batman: the ride, I noticed that the crowds were much thinner. I asked a group of security the time, and found that it was 10:25 (2225 hrs), and the park had officially closed at 10. We began walking back toward the entrance, actually trailing 3 or 4 security officers. I was surprised to see that they felt the necessity of staying in a group, and noted that they all had their 3-cell Maglites in hand.

We were about 3 blocks from the park entrance when there was a loud report. Loud noises are not unusual in theme parks, but this was followed by screams. Immediately, the Olympic Park bombing came to mind. (My wife had been very eager to go downtown during the Olympics. I pointed out to her what a prime target the Olympics were. The morning after that discussion, we heard about the Olympic Park bombing.) The security folk took off double-time. I cautiously walked to the crest of the hill, and looked down toward the main gate. There were people everywhere, and a few were running.

We made it to the main gate without event, noting no major disturbances, aside from the 60 people tightly ringing some folks intent on fighting just inside the gate. Outside, there were literally thousands of people, and they were going nowhere, just standing around. Ages were mostly mid-teens to early twenties. I tried to put as much of my body between my ex and potential hostiles as possible as I hustled her toward the car. The first bullhorned order for the crowd to disperse began as I shut the door behind her.

That's it. Pretty boring, huh? No blows, no bullets, no bodies, just a reminder that any situation can go south quick, fast, and in a hurry. Be prepared.

November 2, 1998, 01:52 PM
You got your CS knife into the park? I live almost next to Paramount's KINGS DOMINION park. They wont even allow a leatherman in there. No guns no knives no anything. And most of the security there is unarmed. But they DO have a few "Special Officers" who are armed with .38s... Oooh I feel sooo safe.

Needless to say I don't go there for the same reason of Spectre's concerns. Am I paranoid?

November 2, 1998, 02:25 PM
Even paranoids have enemies.

January 3, 2006, 03:23 PM
I have to watch out when i go to 6 flags that the metal in my wrist (6 screws and a plate) and in my femur (rod and two screws) doesn't make me get frisked.

Injuries were a result of motocross accidents, FYI.