View Full Version : Leupold VX-R Question's

March 27, 2011, 11:47 AM
I have a few questions for those of you who have used or looked through the VX-R line of scopes, especially the 4-12x40mm with Ballistic Firedot reticle.

How would you describe the crosshair thickness, for example compared to that of a standard duplex and fine duplex reticle? Experience with the crosshair thickness of the Ballistic Firedot at 12x would be particuarly valuable to me. Thickness provided in MOA is especially valuable.

For anyone who has used the holdover marks on the Ballistic Firedot reticle, how well did they actually match up with your particular rifle/caliber at distance?

What is your opinion of the fast focus eye piece? Do you think it will be sufficient enough to focus on targets from 50 to 600yds?

Any information from actual hands-on experience is greatly appreciatted, especially those who have looked through or used the VX-R 4-12x40mm or any model with the Ballistic Firedot reticle. Thank you in advance.