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March 26, 2011, 09:40 AM
I just got this little revolver in a trade. I know already that it is an Iver Johnson Safety Automatic Hammerless in .38S&W. From what I've read online, I'm thinking its a late 2nd model, from between 1896 and 1908, not suitable for smokeless loads.


This is the barrel top rib with the patent date info.

The patent dates are April 6, 1886, February 15, 1887, May 10, 1887 and August 25, 1896.

Serial number under the left side of the grip frame is D-41703, and the only other place its repeated is the underside of the top-strap. There are no other markings on the gun.

Does anyone have an idea of a more precise date of manufacture? What is a good value to put on the gun if it has about 75-80% of the original bluing?

March 26, 2011, 10:35 AM
When you posted this I had my Cartridges of the World books open to one page away from this cartridge.
This is reloaded with smokless powders and the Factory Load Data (FL) do not list a black powder load for this cartridge
Here are some loads,
145 gr. bullet, 2.2 grs Bull's Eye = Muz Vel 730 FPS Muz Energy 173 Ft.Lbs
150 " " 4.7 " Unique 890 268
200 " " 3.1 " 620 172
200 " " FL 630 176

March 26, 2011, 04:27 PM
According to what I could find in Goforth's book on IJ revolvers, you have an "1896 Second Model, '1897 Second Variation With Separate Shroud.' "

The "1896 Second Model, '1898 Third Variation' " had another patent date added (Mar. 13, 88) which is absent on your example.

However, there is a conflict in the book where Goforth states that the 1898 Third Variation serial number range is D33001 to D66500. Per his information, though, your gun is supposed to be a Second Variation (according to the barrel markings) whose serial range is D00001 to D33000.

So your gun was made in either 1897 or 1898, but only it knows for sure. ;)

Your gun is definitely not suitable for smokeless powder; It also qualifies as an antique (pre-1899) and is not considered an FFL firearm under Federal law.

March 26, 2011, 09:36 PM
This is the internet so take everything you learn here under advisement.

In my Old blue book the value is $125.00 tops.

This web site will give you some good information to work with. (http://www.american-firearms.com/american-firearms/z-html/company-I/Iver%20Johnson%27s%20Arms%20&%20Cycle%20Works/Iver%20Johnson%27s%20Arms%20&%20Cycle%20Works.html)
Just scroll down to your Revolver.
Very interesting to read on that Iver site that a 1909 revolver was still a Black powder cartridge gun. :confused:
Another link of interest; (http://www.chuckhawks.com/38sw.htm)