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Sir Loads-A-Lot
March 16, 2011, 02:03 PM
I just shot my 9,000th round thru my Guerini Summit Ltd. And have had not one problem with the gun. Great gun for a great price!!!

March 16, 2011, 02:07 PM
Excellent - but you're at least 1 zero, if not 2, from needing to worry about it! :D

Sir Loads-A-Lot
March 16, 2011, 03:03 PM
The nice part is that the gun has a lifetime warranty with free "pit stops" if needed.

Sir Loads-A-Lot
March 16, 2011, 03:22 PM
One ounce load....just wondering. How many rounds have you shot thru any one shotgun without any repairs, parts or alterations?

March 16, 2011, 03:37 PM
Sounds good .... glad to hear its working out for you ...

I'll let OneOunce answer your question about his guns ...personally, in my primary Skeet and Sporting Clays gun ....Browning Citori XS Skeet model, 12ga, built and bought new in 2001. So call it 10 yrs old now ...it has about 150,000 shells thru it - at this point / and I have yet to change any springs, or even firing pins ... I have a lot of other Citroi models ( XS Skeet models in 20ga and 28ga ) / a couple of XT Citori models Trap guns / and even an old Citori Lightning model in 12ga - with between 50,000 and 75,000 shells thru them. I have not had to make any repairs on any of them...

But these kind of volumes of shells are common on any target gun ...like Browning, Beretta, Perazzi, Krieghoff, Kolar, etc ...

I suspect OneOunce has even more thru his primary shotguns.../because he shoots in better weather year around than I do ...

March 16, 2011, 04:21 PM
One ounce load....just wondering. How many rounds have you shot thru any one shotgun without any repairs, parts or alterations?

At about 90,000 on my Browning Gti I needed to have the top lever spring replaced. While the guy was in there, I had him replace the firing pins and firing pin springs to avoid something shortly down the road - about $50 worth of parts every 12-15 years is a reasonable repair bill in my mind's eye.......;) I have another 35 or so through it by now - and there's the others......

The difference between the Browning/Guerini/Beretta 68X group of guns and the Kreighoff/Perazzi/Kolar group is that they typically go about 250,000 and don't need any major rebuilds until the 1,000,000 mark - give or take. Several gents I shoot with use K-80's - EXCELLENT triggers (if you can get past the Teutonic styling ;)) - one has had his action for 20 years - he averages 40-50K rounds a year - he sends it in to Ottsville for minor tuneups but it has had nothing major go wrong in all these years - including many trips to Argentina where he fires 5-6K rounds in three days...........A few others have similar tales about their Perazzis - I'm sure Zippy can vouch for their reliability.

Your Guerini will last a LONG time as long as you don't treat it like folks like to treat their pumps - throw them in the back of a pickup full of gravel as they drive down a washboard road - and as long as it fit - you'll enjoy it. One of my shooting buddies just bought the new CG with the raised rib for sporting....(seems they have been listening to BigJim about raised combs and ribs), and he loves the gun.....he is 77 BTW

Sir Loads-A-Lot
March 16, 2011, 04:51 PM
Big Jim..I totally agree with you about the Citori line. In 45 yrs. Of ATA, SCA, NSCA I've owned 7 and never had any issues. But the two krighoff's were nothing but problems from day one. The k80 broke down so many times I finally gave up on it. The ks5 had the worst trigger I ever owned. I had a Perazzi MT6 and the rib came loose and had to be resoldered. As far as "the bang for your buck" is concerned the Citori line is by far my choice. If this Guerini holds up the way they did I will be a happy camper.

March 16, 2011, 06:09 PM
Sorry to hear about your issues on the K-80 .... a buddy has had one for probably 15 yrs ...and I know he has well over 250,000 shells thru it ...and while he does send it to Kreighoff every other year ....or so, even though he doesn't shoot registered Skeet anymore ....he just has them do their standard service for "preventive maintenance", reset the trigger pulls, etc ...and I think it costs him about $ 100 or so ...which is not bad / but I know that gun has never let him down.

But yes, I'm very happy with the durability of my Browning O/U's ....and while I have about a dozen of them, in various models now ....I'll be passing some of them down to my boys over the next year or two ...and I'd be surprised if any of them have any issues with them in their lifetimes either.

I want to set up each one of my adult boys --- with a good Trap gun ( they'll each get a Citori XT ) and a good Skeet gun ( and they'll each get a Citori XS skeet model ) ....and a good S&W revolver ( model 66 - 4" ) ....and a good 1911 semi-auto handgun (one gets the Ed Brown / one gets the Les Baer) ....and they can split up the rest of the collection when I'm dead and gone ( which I hope won't be for at least another 20+ yrs ...since I'm only 60 now ...). They're both raising kids / can't afford to buy decent guns ...so its my priveledge - to be able to pass on some of my Browning O/U's and other guns to them ...in the next year or two.

For awhile I was talking about buying a high end Kolar or Krieghoff ...just because ...but when my eyes went south last year / then a complete shoulder rebuild ---etc .... I've come to realize these Browning O/U's are really all I need in terms of shotguns. I hope your guns holds up just as well ...or better ....

Sir Loads-A-Lot
March 16, 2011, 06:32 PM
Big Jim.. Sounds very familiar. I set my son up with two shotguns when he was only ten years old shooting registered trap and now I am working on my grand kids. They have grown out of the small gauge guns I gave them and they are ready for something more substantial. What else are grandparents good for at 70yrs old?:)

March 16, 2011, 07:10 PM
and since my boys both look like me .....its a good thing they married well ....so my grandkids won't be "ugly and stupid" .... :D

( and my daughter in laws - think I'm hysterical ) ....

Its my job to make sure they have some spare cash from time to time ...and have some fun ...especially if they're doing ok in school ...and staying out of trouble.../ its my job !! :cool: