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March 13, 2011, 03:44 AM
Hey, I'm brand new here, I actually joined just to post this, so it might be in the wrong section. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I own a P38 and took the barrel retainer latch out before disassembly, and now can't get it back in. I also cannot disassemble the pistol further. If you guys need pictures, tell me and I can post em. Any advice or a tip in the right direction would be extremely appreciated.


March 13, 2011, 06:01 AM
Do you mean the slide takedown lever that is located to the front left of the frame?

It is held in place with a VERY small pointed spring loaded pin that fits in the groove in the center of the takedown lever. I use a small screwdriver to push in the stud while pushing the takedown lever in. Kinda tricky.

If the takedown lever has been removed with the slide and barrel in place then the locking block may have dropped down. That would prevent you from removing the slide.

I have quite a bit of time on P.38s and always would look at pics you post to try to help.

First thing to know is that the gun is unloaded. If that statement sounds silly, I can't help you. Don't count on the loaded chamber indicator pin to tell you status, do a visual or check with pencil in the barrel for length if the slide won't move.

After confirming that the gun is empty, you should use a small flashlight to look into the takedown lever hole to see if you still have the pin and spring.
If not, you can always make one if you can't find one to buy.

Then with the safety on (the safety lever should be pointed down) and the slide locked to the rear with the hammer back, try to manually bring the slide forward slowly while at the same time pushing up on the locking block from the hole left by the takedown lever.

That must have been some trick to get the lever out while the slide was in place.

I would start there before partially disassembly since you are not familiar with it.

I am dial up so can't watch videos or even search for them - to much loading page time- but someone can probably chime in with the blue letters to give you a link.

Hope this helps, Let's see some photos on the situation. JT

James K
March 15, 2011, 12:55 PM
The takedown latch can normally be re-installed just by putting it in from the left side then twisting it so it pushes the detent down into the frame. A tool is not needed. Always remove or install it in the center (straight down) position.