View Full Version : Night Sight Installation

March 9, 2011, 02:20 AM
I got my first set of Meprolights in the mail today (:D) and called up the shop I bought by Kimber from. He's willing to install them for $30. I've never had someone install sights for me before, is this a reasonable price? I'm not expecting to find any place to do it for free, and $30 doesn't seem completely unreasonable to me. Just curious what others have paid :confused:

March 9, 2011, 08:04 AM
In Virginia it can run 15 - 25 dollars, since it requires a special tool, not everyone can install a new pair of sights. So $30 is in that range. :o

March 9, 2011, 10:06 AM
Not terribly unreasonable; some are more difficult than others to install and without specialized tools, the firearm can be damaged. You probably also will have at least a modicum of comfort knowing they are professionally added to your Kimber.

March 9, 2011, 11:01 AM
I definitely wanted a gunsmith to do it, because I believe it voids any warranty they come with if it's DIY and I don't own a sight pusher, so don't want to run the risk of breaking the sights/pistol. Thanks for the input! :)