View Full Version : Scout scope a Mini 14?

March 8, 2011, 07:03 PM
Thinking about putting some optics on a 580 Mini 14 and happen to have a couple of scopes just sitting in my office not doing anything much.

I am considering a Bushnell Trophy 2-6 x 32 pistol scope. I could also put a traditional rifle scope on with the Ruger rings (3-9 x 40 or a 4x). Any thoughts?

Anyone put a Ultimak on a mini with an EER pistol scope? Or something similar?

I really want to keep a good cheek weld if I am bothering putting a scope on, so that kind of rules out the "higher"/co-witness mounts.

Any experience, advice, etc... for scoping, scout scoping, mounts, durability, recoil buffers(?), for this latest project?

PS And exactly what is Ruger referring to when they say, "and a patented recoil buffer which protects the scope..." Having mine apart a number of times, I am not exactly sure just what they are referring to.

March 8, 2011, 08:18 PM
I just put a simmons 3-9x40 on my 581 series Mini using the Ruger rings. Here's my take on it, first of all breaking the rifle down is near impossible with this set up as I can't take the upper hand guard off the rifle with the scope on it, not enough clearance. I will be keeping the scope on the rifle, but changing the rings to the Warne quick release rings so a) I can take the rifle apart for cleaning and b) so I will still have access to the iron sights. As for using a pistol scope on a mini, I'd have to think that it would be perfectly fine, my only concern would be the ultimak rail, will it stay put? Will you have issues breaking the rifle down for cleaning? I have no experience with the ultimak, maybe someone else can answer these questions.


March 8, 2011, 08:52 PM
I have always been partial to one of the smaller red dots on these rifles. The one i grew up shooting was not really scope accurate lol.

March 11, 2011, 02:11 PM
Well, I ordered the Amega Mini-Scout-Mount III. (Pricey little doo-dad. About $170 including shipping.)

After doing as much research on scope mounts for the newer Minis as possible I opted for this approach. The Amega still allows for use of the newer Mini iron sights, unlike the Ultimak; meaning that if one takes off the optics, the newest Amega mount will allow one to actually sight down the rifle using the factory irons, at least that is what I have found online. And this is NOT a sight UNDER the mount, it is a irons looking OVER the mount.

Still planning on trying out the pistol scope mounted with quick detach rings scout style. I will post more once all is here and installed.

If anyone else has any additional experience/info on scoped Minis, feel free to contribute!

March 11, 2011, 09:37 PM
Make sure you use loctite on all the screws. Factory rings kept loosening up on me had to re-tighten about every 4 rounds or so. You may or may not have this issue with a scout scope setup.


March 11, 2011, 10:43 PM
I have an Amega too. Had an Aimpoint red dot mounted, but moved it to an AR-15 that gets shot more often. Gotta get another red dot for the Mini.

March 16, 2011, 01:34 AM
Well, I have mounted the Amega Mini-Scout-Mount III with a Bushnell Trophy 2-6 x 32 EER pistol scope. (Had the scope, ordered the mount, and got some quick detach rings from Logs, thanks Logs went on and off slick!) I mounted the scope as far forward as possible; had to start somewhere, and will fine tune it as I go. (Chose the Amega over the Ultimak due to the Amega having a "trench" cut out along the full length of the rail allowing for use of the iron sights - hence the QD rings.)

Hopefully I will get the Wolff extra power recoil spring and Wilson Combat buffer that I ordered tomorrow. I figured what the heck, try to save the scope a bit of battering. I am also considering using a WC 1911 shock buff on the gas block side.

I am an accuracy person, so this may just be the beginning of this project. I really don't want to get too crazy on this project, perhaps bedding, and they make a tunable gas block, and there are always the barrel stabilizers... but I really don't want to get too out there, I like the wood stock and still want it to be basically what it was intended to be, just more accurate.

If all goes well, I will give it a trial run tomorrow and post back the results.

March 17, 2011, 02:32 AM
Well, didn't get the recoil spring or the buff in the mail, but did go out and test out the Amega and the scout scope set up.

Only had a short time to start sighting the scope in. Started at 40 yards, got that tight, then out to 80 yards. Still a hair off to the left, and ran out of time. I will get a chance to continue on Friday.

Bottom line, at this point, love the set up! Rifle balances well, and is fast on acquiring the target (and can easily have both eyes open and focus on the target quickly.) Much faster and tighter groups than just with the stock irons.

Rest (read hood of my Jeep) shooting produced 5 shots taking the center out of the target at 40 yards; this with factory 55 grain. Only got a couple on paper at 80 just to see how far off the scope was before I had to leave; life happens!

So, still uncertain exactly how far these improvements have taken the accuracy of my 580. Definitely tighter groups. How tight will have to wait until further testing (really this is all in the name of science... really...) can happen. (And we all know that for good science to be good science, it must be repeatable and demonstrated as such.)

Oh, and to mix in fun with the "scientific work" I did happen to hit a few cans repeatedly out at 80 yards.

March 25, 2011, 08:06 PM
2 MOA at 100 yards. The limiting factor now is the trigger.

I put a Harris adapter and one of my Harris bi-pods on it and got her down to a consistent 2 inches, and a bit under, at 100 yards with factory ammo with 6X on the scope.

The Wolff "extra power" recoil spring really helps keep the brass with in a reasonable distance; as opposed to "orbit" with the factory spring. The recoil buff, was in a Wilson Combat baggie but it was a BufferTech buffer and regardless did not fit; "gummed up" the works, basically too thick.

Having "accurized" firearms before, I am certain that the next step will be a trigger job; if I want to shrink my groups further.

And onward I go... just when I decide to stop with this one, I yet do not know!