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March 4, 2011, 02:18 PM
Winchester 1300 Defender, 8 rnd tube, and ONE modification. Bought new, cleaned and maintained (or I think so) and having an extraction/ejection problem.

Background - mine - years ago a drunk driver hit me while I was on a motorcycle causing some real damage to the body (some pieces even torn off but back on and mostly functioning) and MY SHOULDERS took a bit of impact. Consequently I have a replaced left shoulder (at age 52, then - now older) BUT SIGNIFICANTLY my right shoulder (right handed) took some impact and RECOIL seems to really bother it but I like shooting, so..

5.56 and 7.62 don't bother me but 12 gauge does. I found and installed a (then) Knoxx Recoil Reducer (Blackhawk owns that now) and WOW... I mean I could not feel the 00 or slugs and it was great... BUT I believe that the 'reduction' in recoil is somehow effecting the "fast pump" aspect built into the Winchester (assisted opening?) and I'm not getting extraction... which leads to a new round jamming into the fired case.

BEFORE I decide to go with an 870 (and buy a new Recoil Reducing Knoxx stock for that) I want to pull the extractor and spring on my 1300 - I have easily taken it down to the bolt casing (removed the FP and Spring, etc) and want to see how the extractor looks and the spring... when I finger tip the extractor, it does NOT seem smooth. Almost like there is a 'hump' or something it is riding over and I am just wondering if a spring might be tired or ... IF you ever take one of these apart the extractor spring will 'shoot' so cover it.

I like the Defender. When I first started having this issue I could get extraction by putting the Recoil reducing stock onto a cement casing at the range, pull the trigger, voila the case came out (almost on its own!) and so I thought, "Hmmm, must be me, the stock reduces it enough to be a 'limp wrist' type extraction/jam issue!" But NOW the darn thing won't extract a spent case 'manually' forcing the slide forward... won't pick it up. I'm using a 00 that is, I guess, a police issue (have a couple of cases from a friend) but I "have" tried other ammo and this issue prevails.

I have been able to pull the extractor spring and extractor and "think" I note some roughness on the sides of the extractor. WHEN the bolt is together and you "finger back" the extractor, it sometimes does NOT return to its full down position and seems to hang a little (which certainly could be the cause of this issue - but why is it hanging)... I've ordered a new spring and extractor from MidWestGun and will install but hoping for any other suggestions or thoughts about 'why'... thank you.

March 4, 2011, 05:44 PM
Could be as easy as something inside the bolt where the extractor sits.Make sure it's clean when you install the new parts.

March 4, 2011, 06:51 PM
Thanks John,
I did notice that it (the actual extractor) seemed to 'grind' or 'rub' excessively on the bolt. I noted some 'shiny' spots both on the extractor and the bolt where there may be some excessive wear/contact. As I mentioned, the extractor did not return to its full 'down' position from time to time although that was with 'fingering' it. Now it seems to be a bit more loose and always drops down. I have not fired many rounds through this 1300 and will have to see what the 'new parts' do to this issue.

In the meantime, as I did use a 'fine' stone to grind down a bit of each side (nothing to the hook) of the extractor and that might have helped because it moves more cleanly now and no half motions when fingering. I will try a few rounds through and see if it is working. Sure hope so as I like the shotgun and Knoxx combo and don't really want to trade/sell for an 870 (as fine as they are, I'd have to fork over more money for a new Knoxx/Blackhawk.

Thanks again.