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February 28, 2011, 02:53 AM
I just picked up a sweet, never fired, Armi San Marcos 2nd Dragoon, fully engraved, in the display box for a song ($249 out the door)... LOL...

I've had it out once... KA-BOOM!!!... What a kick it is to shoot... especially with a full 50 grain charge.

So I'm browsing the aisles at my local gun store and I see 777 pellets... 45/50's. That's .45 caliber, 50 grains equivalent.

I shoot quite a bit, mostly loose powder with Cream of Wheat filler under the ball and Crisco over the top, but in my 1860 Army and 1858 New Army I occasionally use 45/30 Pyrodex pellets with a felt wad... I like to throw the pistols in the truck if I'm travelling, just in case I run across a chance to shoot... or get attacked by savages... wink... it's less to fuss with if all you need are the cannister of pellets, with some balls and the felt wads.

So you see my thinkin... Wouldn't it be nice to carry a box of those 777's for the new Dragoon?

Has anybody tried these pellets in a Dragoon or a Walker?

According to the literature on the net, the pellets are intended for inlines using 209 (shotgun) primers... Would my regular CCI #11's work... or maybe the hotter RWS 10-3/4 caps?

I know it would be a hot load, not something I'd be running through my gun all the time... but it sure would be convenient every now and then.

Foto Joe
February 28, 2011, 10:21 AM
I'm not familiar with 777 pellets, but I am familiar with ASM Dragoons and Walkers.

You can certainly stuff 50gr of powder into a Dragoon but you might want to be a little more conservative. All it takes is for that wedge to be not quite seated all the way after firing a few rounds and you're going to "alter" your fine engraved Dragoon. Also, the dovetail for the loading lever latch WILL eventually loosen up after repeated heavy loads. If you're lucky you will notice when the loading lever falls like a Walker, if not you'll be on your hands and knees looking for that sucker in the gravel.

Personally, I wouldn't use 777 in a Dragoon for heavy loads, nor any other gun for that matter but that's just me, you do what you prefer. I think you will find that 30-35gr of 3f (even Pyrodex:barf:) works really well in the Dragoon and you won't notice the difference in smoke much if at all. If you want availability to shoot without carting around all your shooting supplies, try rolling your own cartridges, a few dozen in a tupperware and you're good to go anytime.

Also, why don't you post a pic of the Horse Pistol, I've never seen an engraved ASM before, it's nice to know they are out there.

February 28, 2011, 01:43 PM

Foto Joe
February 28, 2011, 04:07 PM

That is one sweet lookin' Dragoon! Now I REALLY suggest you stay away from 777 pellets, you don't want anything happening to it.

$250.00??? Some people just live right!!