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February 27, 2011, 01:27 PM
I'm wondering if anyone has tried these new barrels for the Mod 1100. I have a 1966 vintage 1100 that is 100% reliable, and am thinking seriously about adding this barrel for HD. Any comments from those who have tried one? Thanks


February 27, 2011, 02:37 PM
If this was what I was shopping for, I would not have a problem with this barrel. Other than some minor concerns with the Express barrels, I have never had a problem with them. For one thing, you have the Midway support as well as Remington. Clearly this barrel is primarily for HD and should not be a problem... :confused:

Be Safe !!!

February 28, 2011, 08:28 PM
I don't know if it would be a concern with the 1100 or not, but on the 11-87 barrels shorter than 26" will not function reliably with light loads. They work fine with heavy 2 3/4" and 3" magnums.

With light loads they don't stay in the barrel long enough for the gas to build up enough pressure to cycle the action. Since both are gas operated this may, or may not be a concern with the 1100.

February 28, 2011, 09:32 PM
I talked to Remington about the short barrel port issue, and they assured me their 1100 barrels will work with any 2 3/4 shotgun shells because the gas ports have been enlarged to accommodate the proper pressure needed to run shells properly.

I was just wondering if anyone has tried one of these barrels yet, but they might be too new.

March 1, 2011, 10:47 AM
You can find that barrel for less if you look. It has been available for as long as i can remember as an after market remingto product. I have seen them for as low as $119 in the past. They are getting proud of them :eek: I chose the 21" with rem chokes and rifle sites for $40 more. At the time it was about $180 shipped.

March 1, 2011, 10:59 AM
You can find that barrel for less if you look

The only place I have seen this barrel is at Midway USA at a whopping $194 plus shipping. Can you share with my where I might find them for less? BTW, my understanding from Remington is they just came out with the 18 1/2" 1100 barrel. Thanks

March 2, 2011, 03:52 PM
As long as you're sure it will function I'd have no problem picking up a used longer barrel and cutting it.

March 2, 2011, 04:25 PM

If you think it would work out for you, I have two used Remington barrels for the 1100, for sale. Both are in very good shape. The only problem with them is that they are fixed choke. I'll descripe then to you.

1. 12Ga., 28" barrel, vent rib, 2-3/4" and fixed Modified.
2. 12Ga., 28" plain barrel, 3" mag. and fixed Full.

$80.00 Each plus shipping and would give you a deal on both. ... ;)

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March 2, 2011, 09:06 PM
Pahoo-I appreciate your offer, but I'm not sure how your barrels will help my need for an 18 1/2 in barrel. 1100 barrels have to have the right port diameter to effectively work with all 2 3/4 shells. I asked a Remington Armor, who I personally know, how much it would cost to open the ports to the proper amount for an 18 1/2 in barrel, and he said due to the precise drilling and possible carbon build up in the ports he would charge $100. The important thing is to know exactly what diameter to drill.

If I buy a barrel from you I have to have it cut down to 18 1/2 in and have the ports opened to the exact amount. Then I need to pay for shipping of the barrel as well. I think in this case it might pay to order a new 100% guaranteed barrel from Remington or Midway, but again, thanks for the offer.