View Full Version : ? On Clip`s for SIGARMS SHR970 RIFLE

curtis watson
February 26, 2011, 08:38 PM
HI`Can any one tell me were I can buy clips for the SIGARMS SHR 970 rifle,In 7mmREM mag,and 300 WIN mag.It`s a combo rifle,so clips work for bouth,Looking to buy 5 if possible.Have contacted SIGARMS,In N.H.,Told me they have not sold that rifle for 7years,had no part`s at all,gave me some place in ALBERTA CANADA,Called (the shotins edge),thay had nothing.Any HELP Would Be Grate!!Post orE-MAIL.Wish I Never boutht this rifle.Grate rifle well made,and accurate,But need back up`s.Not smart going big game hunting in remoute place`s with 1 clip.HOPE I don`t to have sell it,but with out extra clip`s the rifle is worthless too me,If you can`t fined part`s for your rifle,and need`s repair it`s not much good!!GLAD I PURCHESED A (CMMG) M15M4,556+45 NATO,And not a SIG556 I looked at,probable woun`t fined parts.THANK`S FOR ANY HELP!.(GOOD SHOOT`EN!)

March 5, 2011, 02:33 PM
You're in luck- do a search on gunbroker and a shop in AL will pop up; they have several and the price is VERY reasonable (around $20 shipped!!). I have the .308 version. An excellent rifle IMO.