View Full Version : 2f vs. 3f ( 1858 .44 )

February 25, 2011, 04:59 PM
Can I get a run down on the actual deifferences between the two.
I have read that 3F will give higher Velocity and higher Pressure.
But just how much ?
Right now I'm useing 30gr. 3F 777, 5gr. over published Max.
Would it be benificial to the gun (less pressure) to run 30gr. 2F 777
But what kind of Velocity difference are we talking.
Could I run 35gr. 2F 777 to make up the Velocity difference without raising the pressure to much ?

February 25, 2011, 08:24 PM
You'd need to run a chronograph to get real data before making changes. Or reading pressures & velocities. That seem a tad over what I'd call an accuracy load. I'm assuming a steel frame here brass would call for a big reduction!

Having said that in a steel frame with an 8" barrel I run 28 Gr FFg or 27Gr FFFg in either Goex BP, or APP substitute with no measurable difference in velocity. I have no way of measuring pressure.

Most of these pistols have a marked preference for a charge weight, so personally I fiddled for accuracy, not maximum bang & velocity & having gotten preferred accuracy loads adjusted the fixed sights to shoot to POA with that specific load.