View Full Version : Remora No Clip Holsters - First Impressions

February 24, 2011, 02:32 PM
I just took delivery of two Remora holsters, one for my P3AT and another for my CW9. I'd never heard of them, but read a very favorable review at TTAG here:


Given the review and the very reasonable prices, I took as shot and ordered them. They're everything the review says and more.

I was concerned about the holster collapsing after drawing the gun and needing two hands to re-holster, so I ordered the RFT (reinforced top) versions of both holsters.

I've now carried both guns in a Remora for a full day. The holsters have an extremely tacky, rubber-like outer material that won't let it slide inside your waistband AT ALL. It stays put wherever you position it and at whatever angle.

I carry at 4 o'clock with a the gun (especially the CW9) canted forward about 15 or 20 degrees to keep it closer to my body and less likely to print or stick out.

The Remoras are light and comfortable. If you're looking for a new IWB holster, I can definitely recommend it.

February 24, 2011, 07:44 PM
I like my IWB holster to come up a little higher to keep the slide/rear of the frame from coming in contact with my skin/sweat. Other than that, looks to be a solidly built holster.