View Full Version : small brown spots on black laminate stock

February 23, 2011, 02:06 PM
I am working on a laminated gunstock for a rifle. The laminate is called yellow jacket. It is yellow and black. The black part has a few brown places in it where apparently the black stain did not take. I considered using a black marker pen on it or a #2 pencil before applying a finish. Has anyone ever encountered this and what did you do? I am afraid the marker pen might be too dark as the black is not jet black, just black shaded.

February 23, 2011, 04:32 PM
When you put finish on the stock, the colors will darken slightly and the lighter color streaks will not be as apparent. Just leave it unless it really bothers you. If it does bother you, you can use a fine paint brush with some ebony colored stain (slightly brownish/grayish black) to touch up any areas that might need it.

February 23, 2011, 04:57 PM
Thanks Scorch, I am going to give that stain a try with the small brush.