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Old Wanderer
February 23, 2011, 01:34 AM
Lets take a hypothetical situation: (And I am not wearing a tin hat and saying it will happen!)

Anarchy has happened. You have gangs/groups going to neighborhoods and taking what they can. Law enforcement has disappeared. I have a very nice home in a "rich" area. I do not share very well with others that have nothing to offer.

I will state my feelings and if you think I am off base, jump in.

I prefer very fast light bullets. They do a lot of damage. Whether I am using my 135 gr 1600 fps 10mm bullets, or my 223 55gr Vmax bullets. If I have to shoot somebody, my main interest is that he goes down. I do not have a major desire to kill everything I shoot. Better if he is wounded has to take some of his friends to help evacuate him. If he is dead, then I still have to contend with his friends. If he is down and yelling/screaming, it might well slow the rest of his comrades down. Since society has failed, the usual concerns about arrest, law suits etc no longer is a factor.

Most of my defense centers around:

Bennelli and 870 shotguns with 00. (i'm pretty quick and accurate with them)
G20c and Kimber 10mm with DT 135 gr nosslers
Various 45's with DT 185 gr Nossler
Various 40SW with Dt 135 Gr Nossler @ 1350 fps
223's with 55gr Vmax or 62 gr HP or 77Gr Vmax
I do have some mag rifles if I have to penetrate a car..(416 Rigby with 410 Gr solids).

What brings all this too mind is Cairo....once law enforcement broke down you had groups looting, raping, killing, and destroying neighborhoods. Those people did not posses guns....only the outlaws had guns. You saw on Arabic TV groups trying to protect their neighborhood with sticks.

Having flown my plane down to Los Angeles 20+ years ago, to spend a few evenings with a Korean girlfriend, and the next day I was right in the middle of the Rodney King "riots". Did not have a clew anything was about to happen. The few police were mainly trying to arrest the Korean shop owners that were defending their property. They ignored the looters and arsonist. I had my 45 and 2 magazines of ammo. (I did have a CA CCW permit back then). She owned a small shop in Korea town that we protected.

We are seeing large protest that are starting to grow as people loose "Entitlements", We see escalating gas and food prices, and falling dollar value. We have 10%++ real unemployment. I certainly don't own some crystal ball, but I do believe in being prepared. Hence these questions. Given the above scenario would you be comfortable with this ammo, or would you choose some heavier bullets.

February 23, 2011, 03:37 AM
Interesting question. I for one, hope to god that the above scenario never takes place, not only because it would suck for me, but for my kids' sake. I recently bought a P229 and learned to shoot fairly well with it. This weekend, I bought a Ruger 10/22 for myself and a Thompson Hotshot .22LR for my 6 year old son so he can learn how to handle firearms as well. I'm no expert, but I don't think that caliber will make any difference in a fight where you have to defend your home. The amount of lead and the speed at which you direct it will have a much higher chance of deterring any attack. Here are my assumptions:

1) The bad guys are probably cowards and will run if anyone tries to resist.
2) In the chaos, the bad guys will probably not even realize, or care if one of their own falls in battle.
3) If all the bad guys have guns as well, you are much more likely to get hit than they are.

My next purchase will be 2 AR-15 type rifles with 5-6 30 round magazines each. My plan in the scenario you laid out, would be to simply have my wife and myself unload 2 mags each as fast as possible out the windows. That would demonstrate a significant show of force and hopefully provide enough of a deterrence.

Unless the bad guys are after you for something specific (i.e. contracted killers), they will most likely scatter seeing how you are not going to be an easy target. Then again, I could be wrong.

February 23, 2011, 08:45 AM
Listed below are three firearms that I would have in the event that chaos takes over in this country. Listed below are examples that I own.

1. A quality revolver/auto, (Ex:Glock 21, S&W mod. 19) and plenty of ammo.

2. Remington Mod. 870 and plenty of ammo.

3. A quality AR-15 type rifle and plenty of ammo.

With these firearms, you should be more than capable of defending yourself and your family when life as we know it comes to a halt........

Glenn Bartley
February 23, 2011, 08:49 AM
Regarding bullet weight, I prefer a lighter weight bullet in some situations and heavier in others. For pistol use, I often have mostly lighter weight bullets available with one magazine full of the heavier stuff also available.

For rifles, I often use a heavier bullet. I prefer heavier bullets when I hunt because they are less likely to be pushed off course by a small twig, they hit hard, and they do the job. Using them in your type of scenario, the heavier bullet may be the way to go for certain applications, such as if you need to penetrate objects used for cover but then I would make sure to be considering using penetrating rounds made for such applications.

As for the different weight bullets through the same rifle, such as an AR, before I switched, I would make very sure that my rifles fires each round weight as well as the other with little or no sight adjustment required. That is not happening in some ARs and I believe that due to barrel twist. My son's AR seems to be a bit sensitive to ammo weight. At least one of my Mosin Nagant 91/30s does not shoot light weight rounds well at all. With pistols, I hardly notice a difference when changing round weights in my 9mms or my .40S&W.

Unless the bad guys are after you for something specific (i.e. contracted killers), they will most likely scatter seeing how you are not going to be an easy target. Then again, I could be wrong. How about they want your firearms, the ones you are trying to use as a "significant show of force". I would not be shooting at the ground or air, wasting ammunition. I would shoot at the threats, that are threatening me or mine, to stop them. In such a situation 5-6 magazines for each shooter is way too few. I would opt for at least 10 for each person.

All the best,
Glenn B

Mike Irwin
February 23, 2011, 09:23 AM
Sorry, Wanderer, but as this thread is a plan for hypothetical anarchy in America, it's a violation of TFL rules.

"The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI), AKA: SHTF or Doomsday threads and Zombie threads"