View Full Version : Sig Sauer P250 Slide Disassembly

February 22, 2011, 01:57 AM
I have had my p250 for almost 2 years now and I have never disassembled the slide to clean the firing pin and the other components housed inside the slide. My problem is that I can't seem to find a procedure anywhere that has a step by step process to disassemble the slide and remove the firing pin. I believe a specialized tool may be required, I have found it on brownell's but I haven't ordered it yet. Does anyone know where I can find a step by step procedure for disassembly and reassembly, a video would be spectacular but anything with decent instructions and illustrations will be greatly appreciated. I'm not even sure if this is really an absolute necessity to disassemble the slide and clean the firing pin or not, but I'd like to have the knowledge all the same.

February 22, 2011, 11:06 PM
Just got P250 .40 sc. Love it. Mildest .40 I have ever shot.

That being said, I can not help you.

Wanted to keep thread fresh & see if any whiz kids can come up with info.