View Full Version : Newbie help with Remington 700 or ?

February 13, 2011, 01:14 PM
Hi Guys,

I'm just getting into hunting larger game (pigs and deer) and would like to purchase a rifle. I've done a *little* research and am leaning to the reminton 700. My question is there an off the shelf combo w/optics that would meet my needs:
-Synthetic stock
-.308 >> I live in Kalifornia, so I need a common caliber because some of the public hunting here requires lead-free ammo which can be hard to find in odd calibers (or so I've heard)
-Easy to use , durable scope that would be good out to 200-250 yards, I really don't forsee shooting at anything farther than this, realistically most shots would probably be under 100.
-needs to have a sling
-Durable use--(I'm kind of heavy handed) I use a Baikal MP153 for waterfowl now and love it...it is cheap, heavy , pretty bad fit and finish, (russian pipe on a stick) but you can drop it in the mud or saltwater and it will still shoot with no problems, I need something durable in a rifle as well
- Budget = Less than $800 , hopefully.
- Hunting / range use...I really don't see myself getting into competitive shooting anytime soon
If someone can point me to a company that specializes in this type of thing (gun + optics) , I'd even consider used from gunbroker , or if there is a common combo that people use...

Any help is appreciated...