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February 13, 2011, 07:58 AM
Carbon15 from bushmaster, any + or - to the carbon style receivers over the aluminum? friend is looking into getting an ar and is asking me a million questions that i cant answer...

February 13, 2011, 08:18 AM
I'm pretty much a Bushmaster defender and I have read you don't want the Carbon-15 ... i.e. the money that you save (if at all) up front will be lost because it doesn't last, I'm talking cracked receivers and broken BCGs etc.

Let's put it this way, normally when people start bashing Bushmasters , at least all the people that actually OWN them come in and set the record straight (i.e. just cause you saved up and bought a BCM doesn't mean you can bash a Bushmaster or even know) but in this case, no one seems to defend the Carbon -15s. Talk is almost always bad, even around Christmas when mayb Cabelas? was selling them like 600 bucks, it still got bad pub.

February 13, 2011, 08:27 AM
im a big defender of bushmaster myself owning multiple ar15 platforms, but ive never dealt with the carbon series...

friend looking into starting out and found them at (like you said) cabelas for $699.99 out the door. thx for the info and if anyone else has any good info on these it would be much appreciated

February 13, 2011, 08:56 AM
Pretty much what you said. I bought an "AK Carbine" but it was a Limited Edition lew horton...

So it was a present to myself , i survived total disc replacement surgery (29 years old, having had to have anterior artificial total disc replacement) sO I Bought myself this Bushmaster that caught my eye. Its a 14.5" HBAR with a 1.5" AK-74 muzzle break. it came with a nice and neat-o tri rail gas block and tri rail hand guard but I redid everything in OD Green Magpul. And I held out for a sight and got SO LUCKY After Christmas with the $299 MidwayUSA Aimpoint Micro sale. So it's pretty pimp right now, just how I like it. The best part is I got a deal, it was a good deal to begin with, plus the seller gave me a further discount for being son of a retired LEO, AND THEN He heard it was a still alive-still able to walk present to myself, and gave me a further discount. So the money I saved right off the bat instead of buying Colt etc. let me buy all the Magpul furniture. Some dooshbag on GlockTalk says "Figures. Your kind would do that." something real uppity and discriminatory like that. Well you know what ? I like my stuff to look good too. So yeah, the idea of customizing my rifle is important to me. And it was MINIMUM $350 difference for me, for this Bushmaster vs . say a Colt MT. Well that was a big part of the Magpul accessories. And now I have the best looking rifle in my neck of the woods and really it functions as good as any other in our use. If things get so bad, that SHTF I need a Colt, you will be too busy to be able to make fun of me. You'll be busy trying to stay alive than to have time to make funm. At leas thow I see it.

February 13, 2011, 10:01 AM
A buddy bought a Carbine 15 during the panic buying of late 2008. Paid way too much but otherwise it has held up and fires anything including steelcase. Actually I'm impressed with that little gun but never would buy one. I don't see it holding up for the long haul.

For very a light weight and light use AR it does have its place. If you find it at a light price!