View Full Version : Barrel Shroud For Saiga 12

February 8, 2011, 10:48 PM
This is kind of a poll for me. On this website http://www.1alumalite.com/s12.html they make barrel shrouds for my Saiga 12 looking to buy one and just want peoples input on what one they like. I like them all but can't buy them all. So far I got it narrowed down to these 2.

February 10, 2011, 09:16 PM
I like the first option, image 7.

February 11, 2011, 01:53 PM
Go with either.

Alumilite makes a great product which is far superior to anything else offered. That added to the fact that you will be buying it from the first guy to start making them. He took the risk and should get the reward.

February 11, 2011, 07:23 PM
Ordered 1 today can't wait to see it went with Image #7

February 12, 2011, 04:55 PM
you will not be dissapointed.

February 12, 2011, 05:16 PM
The gun looks nice stock and shoots great. I don't plan to change anything thing on it to be 922R compliant but that shroud would make it look better.

February 23, 2011, 12:01 PM
Got my Barrel shroud today it looks awsome

The Great Mahoo
February 23, 2011, 12:14 PM
Looks great!

How easy was it to install?

February 23, 2011, 12:45 PM
If you have a Saiga 12 it just screews on took me all of 10 seconds

The Great Mahoo
February 23, 2011, 01:50 PM
I'm guessing it requires a threaded barrel then?

February 23, 2011, 01:58 PM

The Great Mahoo
February 23, 2011, 03:42 PM
Well, looks like I won't be adding one to my Saiga 12 anytime soon. Too bad; I like the looks of yours. Thanks for the info and for sharing!