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February 7, 2011, 11:34 PM
Has anyone heard of this stuff (Cerflon "ingredient"), in any common firearms oils/lubricants, please?

I noticed it somewhere (in a product online) recently, and I recalled that it is in a couple of different types of "Liquid Wrench" products that I have (both of which mention being good as Gun/Firearms lubes), but here just today, I cracked-open a bottle of Mobil 1 (15W-50) that I've had sitting-around for years, and used it as the gun-oil for my Kel-Tec PF-9 pistol.

I am really beginning to wonder now, just "what" might be "best" (or at least "which" of all the different oils and lubes I have around here - which one would be the best of what I have).

As mentioned, I have the Mobil 1 (which otherwise might have never been used), I have the Liquid Wrench (2 types), I have PB BLASTER (which is THE BEST stuff I've ever seen on rust - though I have no rust on this - just over two month-old - pistol), though PB Blaster may be good to use on the old Winchester Model 12 that we have here, which has a few scratches, and I am sure, some microscopic rust.

Anybody know about this Cerflon? Anybody use Mobil 1, or any of the spray lubes I mentioned, or any other "unorthodox" (somewhat un-common) stuff?

February 8, 2011, 03:23 AM
Sounds like really neat space-age gee-whiz stuff. Is it any better than the good ol' dinosaur goo? Don't know, don't care. Like a lot of other WOW! products, my guns are just fine without it, but maybe you should run an extensive test and report back.;)

The Mobil1 question comes up about once a month. Again, don't know, don't care. Gun oil bottles have very fine dispensing tips on them, so I use very little on my firearms and I have no issues, and a bottle lasts a looooooong time, so I would think it's false economy. But go ahead and use it if you like it, Mobil1 users seem to like it a lot.

February 8, 2011, 07:36 AM
Yeah, thanks for the reply - but my whole point is - I have NO discretionary income ... nothing "disposable" in my budget, and I have products sitting-around that I "may" be able to make use of...hoping to put to use good quality stuff @ "ZERO" cost/expense ...

I'm on a fixed budget, that just seems to continue to take hits...hit after hit after hit, and I am trying to learn some things, and save myself and my family even further grief by having to buy still more products, when I might be able to make very good use of what we've already got.

I thought - for about three seconds - about the "very fine dispensing tips", and realized I'm putting it on a rag to slather it where it needs to be, so...again, I'm simply trying to see what I can learn along the way...

February 9, 2011, 08:57 PM
Wanted to thank you for the link here...now, I have more on this Cerflon...pretty interesting "stuff"... I am definitely intrigued.

I attached some Bench Performance Test results found there - which don't really tell me, personally, a whole heckuva lot (as I'm not a petroleum engineer, and I just don't understand it all) - except that the Cerflon scored highest or lowest - whichever seems to be a "better/best" indicator of/in each category.

I think what intrigues me most about the particular type of Cerflon that I have here (the Liquid Wrench formula in the aerosol can) is that it is a "Dry Lube" (Dry Lubricant) ... me thinking "perfect" for a light, thin coating on the bore (inside the barrel)?

There is also a link to a nice PowerPoint presentation there (which won't upload here) @ Cerflon.com ~~~ hope somebody gets even more out of this data than I have, and can actually school me on it...I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks again,