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February 7, 2011, 05:59 PM
Any recommendations as to whether it is a good idea to buy a used barrel through GunsAmerica, which means I am not buying from it but someone selling through it.

What I want is a 12 ga 28" Vent Rib Rem Choke barrel for an 870 express and I have located two for the same price plus shipping (135+15). One seller has no feedback but is a "Gold Seller+" with 500 transactions. The other has 2000transactions and includes a Rem Choke of my choice. It bothers me that neither post their feedback. Both are dealers.

Should I sit on my hands and hope that one pops up locally? I have a WTB here and on a Califonria online forum.

February 7, 2011, 08:11 PM
check rem country.
barrels on sale with np07 discount code.
I got a remchoke for 870 for 120

February 8, 2011, 11:30 AM
The problem with sites like gunsamerica - is there are no guarantees that you will get the merchandise. They try to police the site - keep the scams out of there ....but its hard. It seems like every month, I see a note on a forum where somebody got scammed - sent the money order off / it was cashed / no gun was ever shipped. Seller used a throw away cell / fake mailing address that turned out to be a drop ...

There should be a lot of used 870 barrels ---at your local gun shows. If you really want to buy online / make sure its a retailer - that has an actual store somewhere - and then its fine.

But be cautious on spending a lot of money on this 870 ....my hunch is you'll want to move on to another gun / with more built in adjustability before long. The 28" barrel is useful / so its not a bad idea / but don't be surprised if it costs you $ 150 - $ 200 for a good barrel.

February 8, 2011, 11:53 AM
As with any online purchase, due diligence is in order. Every auction site like GA has a feedback section - look for dealers/sellers with lots of positive feedback - while not perfect, it does give a good indicator of responsibility. I have purchased several guns from on-line auctions and have never had an issue getting exactly what I thought I was getting. You might also see if your local wally world can order you one in - many still do special orders if it's in their catalog behind the desk

February 8, 2011, 01:47 PM
All of you have good advice. There is a good chance that down the road I will want another gun, but if so I won't have that much in the 870 and I may want to keep it set up as an HD gun but to be a second shotgun for when a friend oe one of my family members wants to come along. Should I get an opportunity to try my had at hunting I think it may be a better choice than some. One ounce hit the nail on the head as to one issue that is bothering me about the GunsAmerica sight. While each of these dealers are listed as haveing completed several hundred transactions, neither have feedback. There is a Crossroads of the West Gnshow this weekend just north of San Diego that I may check out though it is a pretty good drive. I have read onn an old thread that it is better for accessories (ammo and reloading supplies) than guns but barrrels? If there is isn't a recent thread about it I will start one since it is supposed to be the best one in Cali.

February 8, 2011, 04:28 PM
it looks like I have a fair deal from a guy that has done a lot of selling to members of another gun forum. $115 shipped with a choke for a 28 in excellent condition. I would add that the deal bcarver suggested was pretty sweet if Rem Country had 28" Magmnum barrel for sale. They had a 28" Super Magnum that I almost went with and still may for $150 plus shipping.