View Full Version : Basic Question from a Novice Pump Shotgun Owner

January 25, 2011, 01:25 PM
Recently purchased a used Model 87 Wingmaster pump. Intend to maintain the gun with magazine loaded to double for home defense (no children in the house). Being new to pumps, I'm in a quandary. Not too crazy about leaving the gun cocked for extended period (although no shell in the chamber). Not good for the firing pin spring, I wouldn't think. I use snap caps on some of my other guns to relieve the tension on the springs after cleaning etc. Not really a viable option in this case. So how do you guys overcome this?

January 25, 2011, 02:38 PM
I leave mine uncocked, mag tube fully loaded and ready to ROCK & ROLL!

January 25, 2011, 03:16 PM
Clear the shotgun, visually check the chamber and mag tube follower for empty, close the bolt while watching the chamber to double ensure empty, point the shotgun in a safe direction, pull the trigger, load the tube to capacity with 00 3" Magnum buck, stash in your favorite hiding spot.

When SHTF, grab the shotgun, rack it once, ready to rock. No BSing around with the slide lock. Hopefully the sound of the slide racking will convince the perp to get the hell outta there.

January 25, 2011, 06:38 PM
It does not in any way harm the mainspring to leave an 870 cocked for long periods. The firing pin spring is relaxed whether the hammer is cocked or not. The only spring you're probably going to ever have to replace on an 870 is the mag spring. Leaving the mag spring FULLY compressed for long periods can weaken it over time and cause the loaded rounds to swell. Download the mag by one round. I store my 870 for use with a round chambered and then pull the bolt back 1" or so. In this position the bolt is over and blocking the hammer so it cannot discharge. Grab the shotgun and push the forend forward 1" to put the shell back in battery. No safeties to find and much quicker than cyling the forend full back and forward. No, I don't have childern in the house. Ever. Just me and the wife.

January 25, 2011, 07:38 PM
+1 on the no kids... basically anybody living in the house needs to be 100% confident with anything loaded and stored. If you have guests over be very careful if there are kids.

I prefer the no round in the chamber method... I guess its all depends on what level of risk you are comfortable with. Yeah pump shotguns don't generally put rounds into battery and pull the trigger on their own. :D If the thing gets bumped, earthquake, wild sex... who knows.. its not going off if the bolt is closed, empty chamber, mag loaded.

Dave McC
January 26, 2011, 09:04 AM
My HD 870s have been kept thus since the early 80s.

Action locked closed on an empty chamber, safety on, mag loaded one round below capacity.This mimics the condition weapons were kept at my old agency and unlike many of their policies, this makes sense.

It's quite difficult for kids or unauthorized/irresponsible adults to make these fire at all, while cognizant folk can do the moves during the mount.

If you can't,you need to practice until you can.

Once or twice a year, I take these weapons out to a shooting spot, shoot up the ammo in them. Then at home, I clean and lube them, load up again with my 00 of choice, and store them where I can get to them PDQ.