View Full Version : Goex Cartridge grade BP ending production??

January 19, 2011, 09:36 AM
I found this elsewhere & figured to run it up the flagpole & see if anyone saluted.
I heard that Goex was going to stop making Cartridge grade BP, I contacted my source at Goex to confirm it. Yes it's true---along with some of the Express grades and Cowboy powders. Their were fears that when Hogdon's acquired Goex they would change formula's, drop production,generally screw up the Goex BP. This follows on the heels of 22% price increase over the last year or so. Incidentally my distributor was not notified about dropping some grades. I was told some time back that 90% of Goex BP went to Military and most of the rest was used by reenactors, so sporting shooters are a very small consideration.

January 19, 2011, 12:16 PM
Once the decision is made what can anybody do about it?
Hodgdon is a large company that invested a lot of money into buying a business that they wanted to specialize in and now they have a lot of those costs to recoup for their investors/owners.
I don't know what all of the discontinued products are but I did read that their cartridge powder is in between ffg & fffg - i.e. 2.5 ffg.
Apparently there may be other similar products such as Swiss that are cleaner although more expensive.
Companies reorganize and/or drop products for lots of reasons.
Someone's loss is often someone else's gain.
Just like when the Ruger Old Army was discontinued. Companies do it for whatever reasons. Usually it's about money and/or profits.
Hopefully some other company will be able to pick up the slack and maybe even offer a better product at a similar price, or similar product at a better price...whatever.
One thing that's certain is that nothing lasts forever.
Goodbye Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, Mercury, Studebaker, DuPont black powder yada, yada, yada. :rolleyes: