View Full Version : Browning bps carrier sticks

January 18, 2011, 11:18 PM
I have a Browning 12 gauge BPS. The gun works well, it is about 11 years old. I clean it regularly, however i never dissembled and cleaned it. The only issue I have with the gun is sometimes after it is fired a new shell does not load after pumping it. Not sure if I am short stroking the gun. I have played with it watching the action several times. I notice when I slowly stroke it to shuck a shell the carrier arms don't go back to the proper position they stay down, up enough for the action to close by not up. I also notice, that sometimes after a fire, especially when it is cold, it is very hard to pump the gun and discharge a spent shell and load a new one. Thoughts as to why this may be happening?

January 19, 2011, 12:40 AM
You have given a couple of reasons why it may be doing this. What I would suggest is taking it to a competent smith to have a look at it. That would be money well spent.

January 19, 2011, 12:32 PM
Learning how to properly dis-assemble, clean and lube the gun --- is a pretty important step... There are a number of good books out there on the procedure. The only caution I would give you / is when you drop the trigger group out ...don't fully disassemble all the parts ( springs, etc ) within the trigger group. Its easy to clean - with the trigger group fully intact... / spray a cleaner in there / a little compressed air ( don't get too aggressive ) ...you can use a disposable can of air ( like for cleaning computers ) - you don't need a big compressor. But some Q tips / some good cleaner - and something like Break Free for lube --- will hopefully put you back in battery.

I suspect cleaning and lubing - may be part, if not all, of your problem.

I have a pair of BPS's - that I bought new in the late 1970's --- one 12ga and one in 20ga .....and both of them have at least 25,000 shells thru them ( I shot Trap and Skeet with the 12ga for many years - before I could afford to go to an O/U). My boys both learned to shoot Trap with the 20ga ... and lots of bird hunting, etc ...with both guns. My guns have some wear on them .....but have still not had to be rebuilt.

So 11 yrs old isn't the issue ....( unless you have 50,000 + rds thru them ...) ...