View Full Version : Savage WW and 700 SPS Range Test

January 15, 2011, 10:19 PM
Was finally able to get to the range and shoot my new rifles and revolvers. The Savage 260 was unbelievable - 6 shots in 1.2" at 100. The factory recommended 140s, but all I had loaded was 120s. Even throwing flyers (which was me getting used to the 2.5# pull), it was mighty fine. Can't say enough about the AccuTrigger.

Now, for you Remington 700 haters, my latest SPS configuration may be the best. My favorite '06 load of 150 Hornady SP, 52gr of 4064, in Remington brass, produced 5 shot, 1.1" groups at 100. The Mark X trigger was excellent.