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January 15, 2011, 09:53 PM
I am really not such a shotgun fellow. I have a couple, but really don't understand them, except in short barrels shooting heavy buckshot or slugs.

Several years ago, I bought an all black (with Evil Black Plastic furniture) Remington 870 "Police Special" or some-such sales gimmick. I was shooting in the 'Police Matches' in those days, when I still had knees and could move to some degree; this was specially for the three-gun matches. The barrel was an 18 inch smooth bore with a plain bead way out yonder.

On and off, I wanted a rifled barrel for it with rifle sights. I could not find one that a) matched the matte finish of the rest of the gun, and b) was reasonable enough for me to buy. Someone advertised exactly what I wanted, but it was about as much as I paid for the shotgun in the first place.

About two days ago, at my local friendly gun shop, I mentioned having another barrel for the shotgun would make it more all around useful. Something cut for choke tubes. The local friendly gun shop owner said, "You mean one like this?" and produced a new Remington box with a new Remington 870 shotgun barrel. It is about 24 inches long, has a ventilated rib and is cut for choke tubes and has three; Modified, Improved Cylinder and Full. And, AND, it is finished in that same matte black finish as my genuine police sort of shotgun! He offered it to me at a very attractive price and I jumped on it.

Next day... my room mate and colleague and I are down at the very same local friendly gun shop with the same local friendly gun shop owner and my buddy buys himself a rather plain but useful Remington 870 shotgun with wood furniture and a barrel with rifle sights. But my buddy wants that shotgun with a regular barrel and bead. So my buddy says, "Why don't you trade me that short, plain bead barrel for this one with rifle sights?" His (new) barrel is the same matte finish and so doesn't look goofy on my gun. "Sure", I says, "Why not?"

As we're taking things apart and handing them back and forth, I - on impulse - stick my finger down the bore of the rifle sighted barrel I'm now getting in trade.

It's rifled.

So. I have a perfectly functioning Remington 870 shotgun with two barrels: one with rib and choke tubes and the other rifled with rifle sights. I think that will do about anything I want to do with a shotgun.

Well, except shoot cowboy matches. That's covered, but another story.

Share my happy, ladies and gentlemen. This one simply fell on me.

January 15, 2011, 11:12 PM
Happy for you. Seems like the stars were aligned for you that day and everything fell in place for you. Only wish we had more days like that. :)