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January 9, 2011, 04:24 AM
Took the plunge, bought a Saiga .308 with a 16" bbl and no real estate extending beyond the front sight for threading a flash suppressor/compensator. So I've been thinking and looking around at what's available. I have two questions now.

Option 1:
Would it be possible to slide the front sight block back and thread the muzzle that way? It would be way easier and possibly cheaper than option 2...

Option 2:
Would it be a good idea to hack off behind the front sight, permanently attach the flash suppressor/compensator (of which I have two laying around) and either mount a sight on the gas block (like this (http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-655/Saiga-Rifles-AK47-HK/Detail)) or get a gas block/front sight combo? (of which I can't seem to find, like the one on the lower rifle in this (http://i282.photobucket.com/albums/kk259/WIHunter1978/Guns/s308pair2.jpg) picture)

Personally I think option 2 would be the best looking outcome but it will be the most expensive as well as I do not have the tools nor the ability to make major metal modifications to a rifle in this manner for either option.

And of course the gratuitous pistol grip mod will be performed in the end and coupled with a folding stock. Maybe I'll simplify with a dragunov style stock, but the whole point of the rifle is compactness, hence the 16" bbl.

What say you, o wise ones?

January 9, 2011, 05:40 PM

January 10, 2011, 03:16 AM
What if I wanted a gas block sight? How would i go about doing that? I really like that "HK" look despite how much I suck and they hate me.

Edit: as in what gas block/iron sights work on a saiga .308? or will I have to go with the welding idea (http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-655/Saiga-Rifles-AK47-HK/Detail) as no other gas block with a front sight post will fit.