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fuad ay
January 7, 2011, 02:34 PM
Libero Daffini Shotgun

Libero Daffini SxS 12ga. side by side shotgun; Sidelock w/ 7 pin action; Double triggers - Hidden third bite fastener,bushed firing pins;
Top of barrels, "E.S.C. Gia' Vickers & C." Bottom of barrels / lump designate Cromate barrels, Proofing (9KG 1.320), bore (18.3),

Lump designates, "FINIT"; "PSF"; Chamber length (CAM.70); Right side of lump is marked as follows,"KXIV"; "X" "*"
-model 1965 fox
length of barrels 75cm

it,s chock 17/17.3mm