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Joey V.
January 5, 2011, 11:43 AM
Hey all,

How do you guys keep caps on nipples? I am not talking about a revolver but a sidelock. I have done 2 things so far but wanna see if someone does something better.
1. I put a finger nail mark in the side of my #11 caps and that tightens em up but makes them reeeaaal hard to get on
2. I switch to a musket cap nipple because the cap has a little more substance but again not real tight. I also experience more failures in these caps than in #11 I have no idea why???

I have bought a 209 conversion nipple Called a Mag-Spark and that is perfect everytime but not traditional by any means. :confused:

January 5, 2011, 12:07 PM
My first step would be to go back to the #11 primer and install a new nipple. Might also try a different cap. There are ways you can make the nipple tighter but most of the time cap to nipple fit get loose. I would be interested in seeing that musket cap arrangement. I am mostly a traditionalist so of course I'm going to tell you to shy away from the 209's. I have never had a problems with loose caps on a sidelock nipple unless it was getting worn. if anything, new ones can be too tight. Remember that the nipple is a cone and the skirt of the cap compresses at some point on the surface of that cone.

Be Safe !!!

January 5, 2011, 12:34 PM
Squeeze the cap a little .


January 5, 2011, 03:16 PM
Well, The old timers used to put their finger in their ear and get a little wax
and wipe this on the nipple before putting the cap on. It really does work.

January 5, 2011, 04:38 PM
Well, The old timers used to put their finger in their ear and get a little wax
and wipe this on the nipple before putting the cap on. It really does work.

Thanks for the laugh. I have known "old timers" for over forty years in the ml game and I am one now. Never heard of this before.

Serious answer: Try different size and brand caps and/or change nipples to fit your favorite brand caps. ML game is not cut and dried, you have to try a variety of approaches to find what works for you.

January 5, 2011, 05:53 PM
I have been using a spray adhesive that will also help waterproof the cap.

I spray a Tiny amount on a cotton swab and wipe the outside of the nipple, it doesn't glue em in it just gets the nipple tacky and helps retain it.

Make sure to degrease first though!

January 5, 2011, 06:07 PM
I was NOT trying to make a laugh. When it comes to Caps & Nipples this
is serious business. They really did this and so have I.

January 5, 2011, 06:23 PM
I've often wondered how they kept them on some of those sidehammers.

Given the amount of gunk sometimes seen around the nipples, wax doesn't seem that unreasonable

I would figure caps would fall off this thing with pretty much every firing and turn, a lot of the pepperboxes seem like they would be even worse..most have a shield to help hold them in place, but I've seen some older one's that didn't, kinda wondered if they tied a ribbon around them or something.


Allen & Wheelock Sidehammer Pocket Revolver 28cal

January 5, 2011, 08:15 PM
I switched to Tresco nipples and #10 caps. Problem solved, at least for me.